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Tales Of Zestiria is coming to PS4 & Steam, not just PS3

Jonathan Lester
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The next Tales JRPG, Tales Of Zestiria, isn't just coming to PS3 after all.

Tales Of Zestiria will be available on PS3, PS4 and Steam when it releases on October 16th in Europe, which is likely to be a huge relief to franchise fans. Though JRPG aficionados like myself keep a PS3 on hand for localisations and imports, most of us have moved on and want to play games on current-gen tech. It's good that Bandai Namco are keeping up with the curve, not to mention supporting the PC download scene, which is providing increasingly profitable for Japanese developers.

Want to know more about Tales Of Zestiria? Have some blurb!

An unseen evil force known as Malevolence is spreading across the land, corrupting the world and causing humanity to falter.  Players will embark on an epic journey as Sorey, a young pure-hearted adventurer whose destiny is to become The Shepherd, an individual of great power that can banish Malevolence. Does Sorey have the courage and heart to wield this extraordinary responsibility for good, or will he fall prey to the evils of its power?

TALES OF ZESTIRIA introduces a new version of its celebrated real-time battle system, allowing for faster combat with side dashes and new combo opportunities with the fusion techniques.  Throughout his quest, Sorey will befriend humans and spirits known as Seraphim, unseen to most humans, to aide him on his journey.  Because of Sorey’s unique ability to communicate with the Seraphim he is able to fuse with their essence to create new elemental artes for strategic attacks to decimate foes.

Earlier this year we learned that Tales Of Zestiria would feature dual language and subtitle options in a first for the series.

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