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Tatsunoko vs Capcom £17.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Games]

Matt Gardner
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Tatsunoko vs Capcom £17.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Games]

You may have already noticed this from our new releases post a few days ago, but the impending arrival (finally!) of funky fighter Tatsunoko vs Capcom has brought with it a slew of pleasing pre-order prices. However, none of them appear quite as pleasing as that of Zavvi, offering this Wii-shaped beat-em-up for just £17.95, saving you nearly £4 on the nearest in-stock competitor (ShopTo - £21.86).

The Wii might not seem to have a particularly strong history of fighters, with only the unique Super Smash Bros: Brawl and the excellent Punch-Out!! springing to mind (the less said about the ill-fated Mortal Kombat: Armageddon the better), but this looks set to be an absolutely barnstorming game. Hit the link for more...

Put simply, TvC is an all-stars, crossover fighting, button mashing delight. Originally slated for a Japan only release, fans of Capcom's Vs series and the reception it received in Japan upon release has led Capcom to finally release it for the Wii further west.

With character models and backgrounds beautifully rendered in full 3D, this is probably the most visually appealling member of the Vs Series yet, with the camera often swinging around in 3D for dramatic effect. Fights take place in 2.5D and there are five different ways you can participate: Classic Controller, GameCube Controller, third-party joysticks, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or just a Wiimote on its own.

You fight in pairs, with the ability to tag out, or at times request a spot of help from your partner to perform a Variable Attack. The fighting system is very similar to that of the Marvel vs Capcom games, which is no bad thing, although the mechanics have been slightly simplified for the Wii.

The result is a game that is polished, fun and possibly the most accessible of the series yet.

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