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Team Fortress 2 Adds Youtube Replays, New Achievements & Rewards

Jonathan Lester
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Team Fortress 2 keeps going from strength to strength thanks to frequent updates and a strong online community - and Valve have now added Youtube replays into the mix. Players can now record video on supported servers, edit their replays and upload them to either Steam or Youtube, and naturally, there are a load of new Steam achievements and unlockable rewards for your trouble. We have the full details below.

Thanks to a new patch (that Steam will install automatically as soon as you boot it up), Team Fortress 2 players are now able to record and edit snippets of gameplay videos, add nifty effects, choose camera angles and upload them for fellow players to peruse. I'll let Valve explain:

Put away those hand puppets. Stop sketching stick figures in that flipbook. Cancel the Team Fortress LARP session you were planning. Finally, there's a much easier way to show people that totally badass move you did in TF2 last night: introducing the Replay System.

Never again will you have to resort to grunts and potentially lewd hand gestures. Replay-enabled servers record every round of the action, allowing you to make movies of your awesome performance (and the embarrassing performances of others) in the Replay Editor, using different camera angles, sexy motion blur and antialiasing.

Of course, Steam hasn't missed the opportunity to add yet more Steam achievements to TF2. Editing replays and reaching certain numbers of views will unlock both achievements, a snazzy new hat and new taunts for your classes to use.

Valve are also holding a competition for the best replay videos, with the winners of each category winning a coveted golden sniper bust. It'll close on May 19th, and you can read up on the full details here. Or, you know, just watch the trailer I stuck in at the top of the post. Naturally feel free to let us know if you make a video, and we'll be happy to show it off!

If you haven't already tried Team Fortress 2 on the PC, I'd strongly urge you to do so immediately. For my money, it's the best online multiplayer out there, with the emphasis on teamwork making it a truly unique experience. Oh, and don't worry about the learning curve, newcomers. Playing as the Medic can turn even the most inexperienced newbie into an invaluable team member.

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