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Team Meat Don't F*cking Care About Piracy

Matt Gardner
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Team Meat Don't F*cking Care About Piracy

These days, pirates don't look like Johnny Depp, they have no swash and very little buckle and their Tortuga is an enormous search engine for torrents. Team Meat know a little bit about pirates, what with Super Meat Boy having been cracked and copied a fair bit on PC, but apparently it really doesn't bother them at all.

In their latest podcast with DarkZero, creators Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen cracked a joke suggesting that their latest sales report from Direct2Drive read that they'd only sold 12 copies of Super Meat Boy. It is unclear as to what kind of time period the report was referring to and Team Meat are strongly stating that the reference was a 'misinterpreted joke'.

Referring to the issue of piracy, the duo seemed relatively unfazed, asserting that if anything it proved the game's popularity:

Our game was hugely pirated – we don’t fucking care. If there are let’s say 200,000 copies of SMB that are getting passed around for free, that’s 200,000 people who are playing th game. If they like this game there’s a really high probabability of their friends coming around and seeing it or them posting about it on their blogs. And it’s not cool to go round and say I really like this game that I stole, so they’re not going to say that. So it’s going to come around to sales. - Team Meat

The podcast - which you should really listen to all of the way through - also contained some choice quotes regarding Steam in comparison to the working relationship the studio had endured with Microsoft, stating that they were fine with Valve's monopoly for two reasons: 'a) they know what they’re doing and b) out of all the people we’ve dealt with, Steam is the most open and the quickest to respond. Working with Valve isn’t like working with Microsoft, it’s like working with another part of a team in a way.' [via RPS]

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