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Team Ninja: Dead Or Alive V On The Way, DoA Not "Toned Down" For 3DS

Jonathan Lester
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Team Ninja: Dead Or Alive V On The Way, DoA Not "Toned Down" For 3DS

We've got a couple of Team Ninja updates for you today - both of which revolve around their Dead Or Alive franchise. Head Honcho Yosuke Hayashi has suggested that there's a "future ahead" for Dead Or Alive V, and that the 3DS version's Teen rating doesn't mean that they've had to tone the racy experience down. Full details below.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi has dropped another hint about the next iteration of the Dead Or Alive series, which was ostensibly outed last year for PS3. Apparently us gamers are demanding a sequel - and Team Ninja are set to deliver.

Dead or Alive Dimensions received positive feedback and responses from consumers, so there is definitely a future ahead. Team Ninja would like to progress and work towards that future.

When asked about whether Dead Or Alive V would make an appearance on home consoles as well as in Japanese arcades, Hayashi confirmed that they'll take console ports "into consideration." We'll bring you more as we hear it.

In the meantime, Dead Or Alive: Dimensions will be releasing next month on the Nintendo 3DS, but its Teen ESRB rating has caused many fans to wonder whether Team Ninja have had to cut back on the heady mix of violence and freely bouncing mammaries that the series is famed for. However, Hayashi has been quick to assure us that the familiar formula is completely intact.

Our core fighting action has always been more in line with the ‘T’ rating, really. The main difference is that, in the previous games, some of the movies and sequences could get a bit racy.

That’s more or less why the ESRB gave us an ‘M’. As a result, the whole game needed to be M-rated. But we want fans to know that we haven’t changed or toned down anything here. The fighting’s still as intense as ever, and you’ll still get plenty of fanservice. I guess the ESRB decided this time that our cinematics were on the ‘T’ level, so that’s why we’ve got the rating. - Hayashi to GamesRadar

Groovy. We were beginning to thank that you'd gone soft on us.

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