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Team Ninja: DoA 5 Won't Objectify Its Female Fighters

Jonathan Lester
Dead Or Alive 5, Growing up, Team Ninja

Team Ninja: DoA 5 Won't Objectify Its Female Fighters

"We’re Trying To Focus On The Real Women"

It looks like the Dead Or Alive franchise may finally be growing up. Apparently Dead Or Alive 5 will attempt to eschew its somewhat sordid, exploitative roots and depict its female fighters as genuine, impressive human beings... "not just as a pin-up."

Team Ninja sensei Yosuke Hayashi confirmed the new direction in an interview with Gamasutra, stating that the series thus far has been somewhat puerile in terms of style and tone. And boob physics.

In the series up to now we focused on some kind of… Sports Illustrated [aesthetic]. Like a magazine for high school kids, with women portrayed in that sense. We’ve always had the sex factor in the game; in the past, the female characters had to have big breasts, they had to have scanty dress.

For Dead Or Alive 5, however, Hayashi plans to "focus on the real women," basing them on real-life role models.

We’re trying to focus on the real women that surround us; the voice of a female, the mannerisms. We are being realistic about it. We want to show something that’s more high class, that adult males of our generation could look at a woman and be impressed with her as a woman, not just as a pin-up.

The Team Ninja boss also confirmed that DoA 5 will take a more mature approach to gore and storytelling - with a new team ringing the changes.

The old team was known for making games that just had two primary elements: Sex and violence. It was very obvious.

The new team, we want to take it to a new level – to a direction that contains emotional experiences that can move players. Rather than just having violence for the sake of violence and cheap thrill, we wanted to give meaning to violence: Why does this happen? We want to link emotion to violence.

We wanted to make a game that is for mature audiences, that can make adults think.

We'll see, Hayashi. We'll see. This will be good news for most gamers, but if you're thoroughly disappointed, I suppose you can look forward to Girl Fight...

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Late  Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:36

I'm not convinced they'll switch from their current model - and I'm not sure why they'd want to. If you just want a fighting game there's a multitude to pick from. If you want one with jiggling boobs and flashes of underwear there's still a few to pick from but it's much more of a niche market - and I'd imagine a pretty profitable one. At the risk of sounding both racist and ageist, if you combine the numbers of teenagers, perverts, frustrated people and Japanese businessmen you've got a bloody big market there.

The "lets not objectify women" argument surely can't sway a company from that kind of moolah.
It's clearly fantasy, and it's in a Japanese fighting game - nobody's under the illusion it's an accurate portrayal of life. If they did they'd probably be scared to leave the house for fear of being attacked by a mega-lizard or some sort of giant mech...

Lebdude  Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:45

Book physics ftw

Lebdude  Feb. 15, 2012 at 11:52

I think its pretty hard to create a clean slate when one of the options in the dead or alive 2 menu (the one which asked you how old you are), determined how much the boobs in the game moved, all I will say is 99 ftw

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