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Tearaway Delayed Into November

Jonathan Lester
Media Molecule, Platformer, PS Vita games, SCEE, Tearaway

Tearaway Delayed Into November

Media Molecule: "We Need A Little More Time"

Sorry Vita owners, but you'll have to wait another month for one of this year's biggest (and only) exclusives.

Tearaway, the colourful and innovative platformer-in-progress from Media Molecule, has been delayed from October 23rd to November 22nd for last-minute polishing. "We are now in the final stages of development," explained creative lead Rex Crowle on the MM Blog, "and have come to the realisation that we need a little more time than we anticipated to finish the game; to tie all of the mechanics, story and amazing visuals together into the adventure that we want you to play.

"We’re really, really sorry for the minor delay, we promise you hand on heart that the wait will be worthwhile!"

This ambitious project plans to let players directly interact with a vibrant papercraft world via the Vita's embarrassment of input methods, from the camera to the rear touchpad and microphone. If you're in the market, Brendan recently posted a sub-£20 pre-order deal, though as always we'd recommend holding off for reviews.

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DivideByZero  Jul. 30, 2013 at 11:56

Quick, grab the pitchforks, this is an outrage... oh wait, we pre-ordered this one, we didn't Kickstart it... Nevermind, carry on.

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