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Get A Tease Of Two Worlds With The Spiderman: Edge Of Time Trailer

Felix Kemp
Games news, Spiderman: Edge of Time

We covered the announcement of Beenox's follow-up to Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time, last week. With only a few scant details to go off, Activision has been kind enough to drop a teaser trailer on the web, featuring a great big dollop of tasty in-game footage to whet our appetites for its release at the end of this year.

So what's Edge of Time all about then? Well, basically, Beenox has ditched the Noir and Ultimate versions from Shattered Dimensions, opting to focus on the Amazing and 2099 sagas instead. The two alternate dimension forms of Spidey had to work together, across epochs, to rescue Peter Parker from a prophesied - and potentially inevitable - death.

But how does he die? Apparently, an "evil scientist" ventures back in time from 2099, offing Peter Parker and transforming his former time-frame to a far more dystopian place. The proud and optimistic Statue of Liberty morphs into a shield-clad, sword-wielding warrior princess, as the cityscape in the background looms ominously.

In game, whether you're Amazing Spiderman or his 2099 counterpart, you're privy to each others exploits via a picture-in-picture mode. The developers teased a scenario where Amazing Spiderman battles a robotic prototype as in the future his alter-ego confronts its perfected successor. If Amazing Spiderman can topple the mechanic monstrosity, it'll never appear in the 2099 universe.

Whether Beenox can pull this all off remains to be seen, and while Shattered Dimensions had promise, it had a lot of drawbacks, too. You can count on us to bring you every update as it develops.

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