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Techland Announce "First Person Co-Op Slasher" Hellraid

Jonathan Lester
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Techland Announce "First Person Co-Op Slasher" Hellraid

The studio behind Dead Island seems to be pushing the creative boat out with Hellraid, a newly-announced title that lets players team up to defeat hordes of zombies with melee weapons, from a first-person perspective.

Luckily, Hellraid promises to be different from Dead Island beyond the medieval setting. We've got details and screens after the break.

Hellraid is described as two games in one: a narrative-driven singleplayer slash-fest and a cooperative mode that puts players in competition with each other and the armies of the desolate one. With the forces of Hell on the rampage, it's up to us to suit up in plate armour and beat back the undead hordes with ranged, melee and magical weaponry. Enemy spawns, loot and online challenges will apparently be randomly curated using a new 'Game Master' system, meaning that each engagement should play out in markedly different ways.

Alongside melee combat, Techland have also promised "exploration, looting, questing, weapon crafting, boss fights, armor customization, character development, leaderboards and magic." More details are available on the official site ahead of a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 release later this year.

More as we hear it.

Techland Announce "First Person Co-Op Slasher" Hellraid

Techland Announce "First Person Co-Op Slasher" Hellraid


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