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Tekken 6 £10.99 @ Powerplay Direct [Xbox 360]

Tom Silkstone
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Xbox 360

Tekken 6 £10.99 @ Powerplay Direct [Xbox 360]

Tekken games have always provided us with a wealth of charismatic fighters who are all capable of inflicting a serious amount of damage to one another through a mix of martial arts and magic, in addition to some fantastic gameplay and some great little cutscenes, and Tekken 6 is no exception.

Powerplay Direct are parting with copies of the game on the Xbox for £10.99, which is exactly £2 cheaper than the next best offer of £12.99 coming in from Play.

When I started off down the fighting game path I was predominantly playing Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter titles, hammering away at the buttons hoping for a positive outcome. Then I got my hands on the early Tekken games and for the first time I actually wanted to learn the entire moves list for a specific character, so that I'd remain undefeated in my circle of friends. The great thing about the Tekken games is that they've all had very accessible controlls, which have been great fun to use, yet the challenge in mastering them has been immensely rewarding instead of absurdly frustrating.

There are up to 40 characters to choose from consisting of new faces and welcome returns from seasoned combatants including everyones favourite sword wielding warrior Yoshimitsu and the villainous Heihachi Mishima. It's worth playing through with each character because the completion videos are not only all unique, but also an absolute joy to watch. Also, the character customisation is much greater than any of the previous titles so far, and you'll be able to alter things like tattos, clothes, and hairstyles.

Everything looks great in this game from the characters to the environments, which this time around are far more destructive and you'll be able to throw your opponent clear through a wall or ceiling, following which you'll continue battling them in whatever location they've landed in.

The single player can wear you down at times and you might find that you need to take a little bit of a rest to recharge your enthusiasm, however the multiplayer modes are by far the best thing about the game and you'll spend a ridiculous amount of time locked into the different modes trying to maintain your victory over your friends.

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