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Tekken 6 £23.99 @ DVD.Co.Uk [PSP Games]

Lydia Low
Fighting Games, PSP games, Tekken
Tekken 6 £23.99 @ DVD.Co.Uk [PSP Games]

The "Men of Iron Fist" calendar attracted plenty of attention but sadly was a commercial flop.

Street Fighter has made beat 'em ups cool again and now Tekken is showing its hand in the King of Fighters tournament. The eagerly anticipated Tekken 6 is released on the 30th of October and looks set to be suitably awesome for fans of the fighter genre. DVD.Co.Uk are offering a great pre-order price of £23.99 for the PSP version. This is £1 less than the next best price from Play.

Boasting a frankly ludicrous line-up of over 40 fighters to choose from, Tekken is keen to prove that it still has a place in the games market. You get 34 classic characters including Jin, Anna & Nina, Jack, Heihachi and King, as well as 6 newcomers, every one with their own unique fighting style. The character customisation has also been enhanced and improved to encompass an incredible level of detail. The environments are set to be far larger than before and offer more interaction than ever before, meaning that you can break through walls or floors to access new areas.

Hopefully this huge character roster means that online play will be filled with surprises, unlike Street Fighter multiplayer in which you find yourself facing a constant slew of Ryus and Kens, broken up by the occasional Sagat or Blanka.Tekken 6 £23.99 @ DVD.Co.Uk [PSP Games]

It's worth remembering that beat 'em ups rarely hold their price for long so you may not have too long to wait for Tekken 6 to be available for under £20 but if you are desperate to get your paws on the game as soon as it comes out then you could do worse than this deal.

Thanks to HappyCanMan at Hotukdeals!

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kev  Oct. 18, 2009 at 22:51

Wow! A whole pound cheaper???

Dale  Oct. 19, 2009 at 00:43

That picture looks like the front of a gay porn dvd :D

Late  Oct. 19, 2009 at 00:47

I'll take your word for that...

Lee  Oct. 19, 2009 at 15:03

Any news on a sub-£30 PS3 version yet? The only one I know of is Shopto and it doesn't seem to accept any of my cards.


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