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Tekken 6: Arcade Stick Edition £54.99 @ 365 Games [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Tekken 6: Arcade Stick Edition £54.99 @ 365 Games [XBox 360 Games]

I can't tell you how many times beat 'em up bores have waxed lyrical to me about the importance of an arcade stick for those serious about fighting games. It's all well and good but the things seem to attract a ludicrous price and I have never been quite serious enough about my button bashing attempts to spend £100 on a fancy controller.
If you have always fancied discovering what kind of a difference a stick will make to your game then now may be a good time to find out as 365 Games are selling the Tekken 6 + arcade stick bundle for the lowest price I have ever seen it offered. At just £54.99, it knocks over £10 off Cool Shop's price of £66.99, which had been the best deal for some time.

It's worth noting that 365 games also offer the best price for the Limited Edition version of the game for PS3, which comes with the same artbook included in the arcade stick bundle, a giant poster and a limited edition hoodie. They're asking £34.99 which again offers a saving of over £10 compared to the next best price.

Although eagerly anticipated, Tekken 6 paled into insignificance in the face of the lavish, drooling praise that was so abundantly heaped onto Street Fighter IV and it certainly left me feeling underwhelmed. However plenty of people swear by it and it was well received by critics and I may be slightly biased as my heart belongs to Soul Calibur.

There is certainly a lot to recommend the title. With over 40 playable fighters to choose from, covering a myriad of interesting and varied combat styles, not to mention copious customisation options, with Tekken 6 you are indulgently spoiled for choice. Characters are a mix of old favourites and a few new arrivals, pretty much all of whom are well designed and unique enough to feel deserving of their spot on the roster.  There are also more environments to act as your stage and these have received an overhaul so that they now offer more interaction, with breakable walls and floors a la Dead or Alive (when it was still pretending to be a fighter series).

Despite the variety in character styles, I felt they all had one thing in common: a feeling of stiffness. When I play, I find that even the most nippy and nimble of fighters have a slight feeling of inertia to them, especially when compared to the speed of Soul Calibur or the sheen of Street Fighter IV. However, the combat is nonetheless solid and very well balanced and offers a good difficulty curve, making it accessible to both veterans and newcomers to the series.

There's a good range of online play options (it's particularly nice that the game was updated to allow online coop multiplayer for the Scenario Mode) but unfortunately battles tend to be mired by the seemingly ever-present lag that the game suffers from.

Personally I tired of Tekken 6 very quickly and, despite all the hype, find it to be rather ugly as fighters go. However it does have a lot going for it and I know loads of folk who love it, so if you don't balk at any game which breaks the £50 mark then this arcade stick bundle could bring you a lot of joy. Heck, if you've got the cash to splash it's probably worth it just to see the always-awesome character endings.

Thanks to mylo1980 at Hotukdeals!

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