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Tempted by DMC: Definitive Edition for £19.85 on PS4/XO?

Brendan Griffiths
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Tempted by DMC: Definitive Edition for £19.85 on PS4/XO?

If you're looking to pick up Devil May Cry or DMC: Definitive Edition on your PS4 or Xbox One, we'd advise checking out this site, as they're currently over a fiver cheaper than the next best deal. This is a pre-order for the game's release on March 17th.

This re-release sees the game running at a slick 1080p and 60fps. As far as in-game extras go, you can now play as Dante's brother, Virgil. There are also numerous challenge modes and extra difficulties for the hardcore fans out there. DMC turned out much better than we expected and the backlash against Dante's new look proved to be a bit silly in the end. He may look like a tool, but once the story gets going, it turns out he's a great lead. Combat is generally excellent, although alternating between the different styles with the shoulder buttons can take some getting used to. This is also another action game with terrible platforming sections. There's just no need.

Is it worth another buy though? Hardcore fans will appreciate the extra difficulty and increased frame-rate to be sure. Newcomers have the option of picking up the last-gen version for a tenner though. Capcom haven't released a new-gen remaster yet, so we're not sure how fast the price of this one will drop. Last of Us has seemed to stick at £25, while Metro: Redux has been as low as £13 already for example. Take a look at my 5 Essential Tips About New-Gen Re-Releases.

Thanks to BrosipTito.

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