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Terraria Reveals Hardcore Mode & Future Updates

Jonathan Lester
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Terraria Reveals Hardcore Mode & Future Updates

It's been a month since Terraria, the open-world crafting platformer, burst into the gaming consciousness seemingly out of nowhere. We granted the indie platformer a startling 9/10 in our full review, and despite a complete lack of traditional publicity, it's already sold over a third of a million copies. Developer Re-Logic have now outlined their plans for the next few months, including a new Hardcore Mode amongst other updates, and we have the full details below.

The incoming build 1.05 will contain a number of new features such as improved server hibernation, revamped lighting, more realistic creature interactions with water and  the promise of new "potions and buffs." You can check out the changelog here.

Mr. Guide, the tutorial NPC, is also getting a serious revamp. If presented with an item, he'll be able to explain exactly what it's used for, meaning that newer players will be able to get the hang of advanced item crafting recipes right off the bat.

The most important new feature will be a Hardcore Mode. This optional gameplay toggle can be selected during character creation, and when equipped, death will be completely permanent. The world, however, will remain - meaning that new characters can still take advantage of the houses, tunnels and creations of their predecessors (and visit their gravestones, apparently). This should promote some interesting - and overly cautious - new styles of play... especially in PvP.

Re-Logic haven't set a date for the version 1.05 patch, but it's set to hit in the near future. We'll keep you posted, and if you haven't already sampled Terraria's blend of Castlevania and Minecraft, I heartily recommend that you do so immediately.

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