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From Test Driving To Number 1 To Guerrilla Leaks | News Roundup 14th February 2011

Felix Kemp
Call Of Duty, Games news, GeoHotz, Killzone 3, PS2, Sledgehammer Games, Test Drive Unlimited 2
Killzone 3

Welcome, fellow Dealspwners. I see you're not celebrating Valentines with a candlelit dinner or romantic stroll; or maybe you are, and you just decided to tune into our daily news roundup? I'm touched if you did. But I am afraid our resident news expert, Jon, is busy today planning and executing all manner of romantic deeds. He puts the rest of us to shame - I'm taking the missus to Krispy Kreme, which is the extent of my romantic ability.

But fret not, as I have swiped Jon's all-seeing videogame orb, a hallowed artifact he gazes into with clairvoyant glee to suss out the day's events. So sit back and enjoy!

Test Drive Unlimited 2 In At Number 1

From Test Driving To Number 1 To Guerrilla Leaks | News Roundup 14th February 2011

Our review for Test Drive Unlimited 2 dropped just this Friday, and already its blazing a trail in the UK charts, usurping last week's victor, Dead Space 2, from the number one spot. Doubling the original Test Drive's release figures, it's also the biggest launch in TDU history and Namco Bandai's first All Formats No. 1 since it gobbled up Atari Europe.

Fans favored the 360 version of TDU 2, with 68% of copies sold on Microsoft's platform compared to the PS3's 28% share and the PC's paltry 4%. Such a successful launch almost guarantees us a Test Drive Unlimited 3, and while I'm not mad for the series I hope Eden Games continue to expand and explore the series' online horizons. It's a much better game when you're free-roaming Ibiza's tropical sprawl with 31 other super cars. [Videogamer]

Killzone 3 Leaks Online

From Test Driving To Number 1 To Guerrilla Leaks | News Roundup 14th February 2011

Now how did this happen? Killzone 3, Sony's premiere shooter, has been leaked onto torrent sites and is probably being downloaded as we speak, two weeks prior to its launch. Weighing in at a hefty 41.4 GB - a rumored non-3D version is only half that size - it's the first time a big PS3 release has found itself leaked online, mere months since George Hotz, aka Geohot, cracked the PS3's firmware, leaving it wide open for rampant piracy.

We don't advocate piracy at Dealspwn. Why would we? We'd be out of a job. And Killzone 3 is shaping up to be a terrific game we wholeheartedly implore you to purchase legally. Why not check out the cheapest pre-order price right here at Dealspwn?[Eurogamer]

PS2 Breaks 150 Million Worldwide

From Test Driving To Number 1 To Guerrilla Leaks | News Roundup 14th February 2011

The PS2 has just edged past the 150 million mark worldwide. Sony's eleven year old console continues to sell and sell and sell, despite stiff competition from the Wii, the 360 and even its younger sibling, the PS3. It must be making a fortune, when you consider the low production costs and simply gigantic roster of fantastic titles to choose from. Zone of the Enders, how I miss thee.

We celebrated the PS2's tenth anniversary last December, with a look back at ten of its finest games. We salute you, oh PS2. Who wants to bet it'll reach 200 million by 2015? Any takers? [IGN]

Sledgehammer Has High CoD Hopes

From Test Driving To Number 1 To Guerrilla Leaks | News Roundup 14th February 2011

Sledgehammer Games, who we confirmed would be handling the next entry in the blockbuster Call of Duty series, have - unsurprisingly - revealed they'd like their effort to be quite good. Advertising on their website for a QA Tester, Sledgehammer hope "the candidate will help (Sledgehammer Games) deliver a 95+ rated Call of Duty game, bug free, to meet the high expectations of gamer's today".

It's nice to hear Sledgehammer is intent on delivering a "bug free" experience. Modern Warfare 2, for example, was like an abandoned picnic; simply crawling with game-breaking bugs. I have high hopes for Sledgehammer, actually. I'm hoping they'll attempt to reinvent - or at the very least re-imagine - the Call of Duty franchise, which hasn't really broken from the mold set by Modern Warfare in 2007. [Gamerzines]

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Gunn  Feb. 14, 2011 at 17:07

When will Sony announce PS2 titles for the PSN, such a great back catalogue, if the NGP could play PS2 titles as well that would be fantastic, as there are plenty top games I never managed to get my mitts on so would be glad of a 2nd chance.


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