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The Shoot

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The Shoot
  • PS3 from £ 13.98

The Shoot | £7.97 | PC World & Currys | PS3

Tom Silkstone
First person shooter, FPS games, Games deals, Playstation Move, PS3 games
The Shoot | Playstation 3

The Shoot | £7.97 | PC World & Currys | PS3

The Shoot's just another way to push Playstation Move onto people, only this time it's focused on the movie obsessed, however if you're not a fan of motion controlled gaming then this probably isn't for you. Strolling around the various film sets blasting things to pieces can be slightly amusing at first, as can taking chunks out of the environments, but unfortunately it gets old fairly quickly. PC World and Currys are parting with copies of the game for £7.97, which'll save you almost £7 on the next best offer coming in from ShopTo. Thanks to logib @ HUKD.