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The Walking Dead Season 2 | £12.82 (With Code) | Green Man Gaming | PC

Carl Phillips
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The Walking Dead Season 2 | £12.82 (With Code) | Green Man Gaming | PC
The Walking Dead Season 2 | Green Man Gaming | £12.82 With Code (RRP: £18.99)
Voucher Code: GMG25-C5729-7SY25

It (hopefully) won't be long before the release of this one, but if you missed the recent deal from GameFly you're in luck. GMG's latest offer works out slightly cheaper with the voucher code above, providing a save of around a fiver overall.

A bit of housekeeping before you jump on this though - word is that purchasing from GMG will not yield a Steam key, as it will use Telltale's version of DRM instead. Users on HUKD have suggested directly contacting Telltale for a Steam key, but that it isn't a guaranteed solution. Don't fret about losing your Season 1 progress though, as it will continue regardless of how you play. Thanks to oUkTuRkEyIII @ HUKD!

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Late  Nov. 12, 2013 at 10:22

Really looking forward to this - but I'll wait until shortly before Season 2 Episode 5 comes out before buying, personally.
Can't stand waiting months between episodes!

Will probably get the xb360 version - unless they bring it to next gen, in which case I'll have a difficult decision. (They've indicated they might bring it to next gen, but not straight away and there'd be no cross-platform saves, so your data will be randomised if you start s2 without a s1 save.)


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