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Season 2 Of Telltale's The Walking Dead To Shamble Along This Autumn

Carl Phillips
Adventure Games, Telltale Games, The Walking Dead

Season 2 Of Telltale's The Walking Dead To Shamble Along This Autumn

Telltale Apologises For Initial Confusion

It looks like we’ll be returning to the episodic zombie apocalypse a lot sooner than originally reported, as Telltale Games confirmed in an interview with Game Informer that The Walking Dead adventure game would return for its second season later this year. This has come as a surprise to some, as the original rumour doing the rounds implied we wouldn’t be seeing anything until Autumn of 2014.

Responding to a mistaken piece of information in a recent Eurogamer interview, Telltale Games responded to Game Informer to clear up any confusion:

The current estimated release window for Season Two of The Walking Dead is for fall of ‘this’ year (2013), and not ‘next’ year (2014) as has been reported after a recent interview. We apologize for any confusion and thank you and all of our fans for your continued excitement for Telltale’s series.

On top of this though, Telltale have also hinted at a little something-something to keep fans happy until the second season. In a recent interview with IGN, writer Gary Whitta stated that “there may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before season two. We may have a little something extra for you between season one and two.” A playable epilogue reflecting on our decisions in Season 1, perhaps? We’ll have to wait and see to be sure, but considering it got our nod for Game of 2012 we here at Dealspwn can’t wait to find out.

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