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Theory Interactive's Reset Trailer Shows Off Stunning Graphics Engine

Matt Gardner
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New startup Theory Interactive recently dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming debut title, Reset, and its been wowing virtual crowds with its stunning graphics, all reportedly in-game footage. Apparently, the game will be something of a "single player co-op" title that sees the player going back in time to help themselves out.

Theory Interactive were founded by writer and artist Alpo Oksaharju, and musician Mikko Kallinen. According to Gamasutra, the two of them previously worked at Futuremark on Shattered Horizon, a Steam-released FPS that saw players battling it out in zero-gravity. For this latest venture, on which they're sharing design duties, they've developed their own graphics engine, named Praxis.

"The trailer is made entirely of in-game material," Oksaharju said, "and I mean all assets, effects, everything, period. We would be poorly allocating resources if we'd make huge amounts of extra stuff just for a trailer," he continued. "So in a sense the trailer is a byproduct of the development. We wanted to have full control over the visuals and gameplay elements and Mikko is quite the guru when it comes to tech."

As for the game itself, Oksaharju syggested that the predominant focus would be on atmosphere and story, with players having to assess and analyse the world around them to further their adventures.

""The game world has dynamic day and night and weather cycles that create unique moods for every player," he said. "Player movement in the game is fully proactive, so one must read the world to understand what has happened and will happen."

Intriguing stuff. We'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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Quietus  Apr. 27, 2012 at 13:56

Your link's bust.:)


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