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Thief 4 Devs Talk Stealth, Non-Violent Options

Matt Gardner
Daniel Windfeld Schmidt, Eidos Montreal, Square Enix, Stealth Games, Thief 4

Thief 4 Devs Talk Stealth, Non-Violent Options

On of the most fun things about games that give you stealthy options -- Deus Ex, Dishonored, the original Thief -- is working out how to complete the whole thing without killing anyone.

Eidos Montreal sat down for a Q and A at E3  to discuss the active stealth present in the game, how there'll be consequences to getting spotted, and non-violent options.

“We are limiting your escape options and you really have to think about consequences of the enemy,” lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt told Shack News.

"There are hiding spots where you can go where guards are less likely to search. We have a lot of these mechanics where you can get away, but it takes a while to teach. In the demos we have shown, there are a lot of things going on at the same time. You don't have to be perfect. Guards will give up after a while if they can't find you. You can also use focus combat to take out a guard or two as needed."

Don't expect to just be able to crouch in a dark corner in plain sight and have yourself magically disappear, either. There's no "safe" place in Thief 4, which is frankly just the way we like it.

"There isn't a "safe" state. Even though the game has a light and darkness kind of binary look to it, it is much more analog than that. There is this middle state as well where you are kind of exposed. There are several states and the analog value comes from how the eye works. Are you moving, are you standing up, are you crouching. A lot of this matters in how we detect you. And peripheral vision is involved. If a guard sees something move out there, he is going to look in that direction. It is a much more slow reaction if they aren’t sure, but if you are right in front of them, they will react much faster."

Mmmm. Stealthy purity. Better yet, you'll definitely be able to complete the game without bumping anyone off.

"You can complete the game without killing anybody, or without knocking anybody out, or without causing an alert. In the demo we are showing, at the end there is a tally screen that show you completed the mission without knocking anyone out or killing anyone … and a second one: completed without causing any alerts."

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