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Thief Interview | Eidos Montreal On Rebooting A Legend

Matt Gardner
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Thief Interview | Eidos Montreal On Rebooting A Legend

Eidos Montreal are no strangers to rebooting beloved IPs. They did a cracking job on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and now they've turned their attention to the master pilferer Garrett with Thief.

But stealth games are in an odd place right now. There seems to be an attitude of inclusivity that, whilst not a bad thing in and of itself, has rendered a number of games jacks of action and clandestine gameplay, but masters of neither. So it is that we've had serviceable titles such as Hitman: Absolution that have tried to walk the tightrope between two caps, but ultimately wound up disappointing both parties.

Having one's clandestine cake and stealthily eating it too has proven difficult.

Thief Interview | Eidos Montreal On Rebooting A Legend

Thief looks like it might change all of that. Yes, it has a glowing, sixth-sense overlay at the push of a button, but the game's apparently been balanced without it, and everything is open to customisation. Eidos' approach to solving the issue appears to have been to make the game that they wanted to make, and then let the player tweak every last aspect the want to make the game as crushingly, deliciously hardcore as they would like. You know where we stand on this: choice is always welcome.

Our review is on the way, so we'll be able to judge this for ourselves come Monday, but I recently sat down with lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt and game director Nicolas Cantin to chat about how the studio went about delivering a modern reboot of this shadowy classic series, and how the dev team hope to please fans and newcomers alike.

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