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Thor: God Of Thunder | £23.99 | CoolShop | Xbox 360

Felix Kemp
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Xbox 360

Thor: God Of Thunder | £23.99 | CoolShop | Xbox 360

I quite enjoyed Thor as a film, mostly when it wasn't at a damn canted angle. But sadly, the videogame suffers the same fate as almost all tie-ins. Namely, it's sort of ugly, it's sort of rough, and it's sort of insulting to ask us to shell out forty pounds for it. Unless, that is, we find you a cut-price. And we have! For just £23.99, you can nab Thor: God of Thunder off CoolShop. That's a massive saving of almost six pounds. With that, buy yourself an Angus Steakhouse Whopper from Burger King. They're fantastic.

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Steve  May. 16, 2011 at 19:53

From what I've heard, this game is supposed to be atrocious with even Gamespot stating it 'has no redeeming features' (or words to that effect).

It sounds like it'd have to be discounted by about £39.98 before it represented value for money (a new game case and enclosed drinks coaster).


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