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THQ Confirms Homefront Multiplayer Demo & "Multiple DLC Drops"

Jonathan Lester
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THQ Confirms Homefront Multiplayer Demo & "Multiple DLC Drops"

Speaking in a recent financial statement, THQ CEO Brian Farrell has confirmed that a multiplayer taster demo will be going live soon in order to "stimulate more new users and purchasers of the game." THQ believe that, since most gamers have doubtlessly heard (mixed reports) of it, being able to try it out will encourage some more impulse sales and bolster its online community.

In addition to this, Farrell also re-confirmed THQ's intent to deliver "multiple drops" of "robust downloadable content" over the next six months. There isn't a firm date as yet, but since Homefront has been doggedly clinging on to the UK Top Ten chart, we can expect them to strike while the iron is hot.

Brendan took rather a shine to Homefront, and praised its hectic and innovative multiplayer modes in his 8/10 review. We'd be interested to hear what you lot made of it!

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ODB  May. 4, 2011 at 13:30

Bought on release - loved the SP but it was ridiculously short. Not a fan of the MP, a lot of issues when I played it, drop outs, freezes, not finding games etc etc etc. Plus I felt like it was trying to be Battlefield rather than trying to be different. Shopped it in when HMV were giving £35 for it and kept the code, so in the end I was £11 in profit on the sale...so that was 1 good thing

casinodancer  May. 4, 2011 at 14:35

Got the game on day one as with the rest of my clan but none of us could get a game for 3 days and then it was very hard to stay connected. A very short campain did not help either. Got some really bad design in places, Kill cam! and the cam when you drop back in to the game, How are you to snipe or use stealth? Have to agree with the above comments about battlefield but have to add BF is 100% better in everyway. wanted this to be so much more but was let down again as with medal of honour, Can't wait for BF3.

ODB  May. 4, 2011 at 14:40

Thats the thing though...if you want Battlefield, you'd play Battlefield. Why try to be something thats 20x better than you are

PLUS Sniper rifles are AWFUL on Homefront MP


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