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THQ Dodge A Bullet; Cancels Saints Row: Drive-By

Felix Kemp
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THQ Dodge A Bullet; Cancels Saints Row: Drive-By

Ah, LinkedIn; treasure trove of industry secrets. Another subscriber has spilled the beans on yet another unannounced title, with Scott Rogers of THQ revealing XBLA and PSN title, Saints Row: Drive-By, has been cancelled. Originally planned for release on Nintendo's 3DS, its unclear what the status of the game is on that particular platform, but the downloadable spin-off definitely won't be makings its way to home consoles.

Details were - and still are - scarce on Saints Row: Drive-By, although judging by the title I expect it was something the Daily Mail would have a field-day with. THQ planned on Drive-By unlocking content in Saints Row The Third, which is still on-course for an Autumnal release. How they know plan on distributing that content is unclear, although I expect it'll be shared out in some other initiative. Rogers' resume also reveals two unannounced titles due on XBLA and PSN, and another for Apple's iPad. [Game Dynamo]

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Sam  May. 4, 2011 at 09:37

Oh god, when I read the title I initially thought you were talking about some ill thought out drive by shooting marketing stunt :s

Then I remembered it wasn't EA.


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