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Thrillville: Off The Rails

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Thrillville: Off The Rails
  • Wii from £ 2.99
  • PSP from £ 27.85

Thrillville: Off The Rails | £7.99 | HMV | PSP

Tom Silkstone
Action Games, Frontier Developments, LucasArts, PSP games
Thrillville: Off The Rails | PSP

Ok all you adrenaline junkies and theme park lovers, if you've ever wondered what it might be like to own your own theme park and build every single ride, as well as walking around and interacting with your guests, then this one might be for you! Also, there are even more mini games present than before, some are new whilst others should be familiar to you if you've played the original game. You can grab a copy from HMV for £7.99, which is over £1.50 cheaper than the next best offer coming in from Cool Shop UK.