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Throw Trucks With Your Mind Passes Kickstarter Goal, Does What It Says On The Tin

Jonathan Lester
Brainwaves, Gunless, multiplayer games, PC games, Throw Trucks With Your Mind

'Mental Combat Simulator' Uses Brainwave Tech

Throw Trucks With Your Mind will let players move onscreen objects using only brainwave power. Then throw them at each other.

Using an inexpensive wireless headset, players are able to move virtual objects on screen by concentrating or by relaxing. Crooked Tree's one-level prototype has already demonstrated that the concept works between two players, and the project will enable up to 32 LAN or Internet-connected players to fight each other with their thoughts in a multilevel environment.

Depending on the strength of players' beta waves (emitted while concentrating), players toss small items like crates or catapult objects like trucks. Players can also draw things toward them by relaxing (and emitting alpha waves). Greater relaxation results in more power as well.

Now that Throw Trucks With Your Mind has passed its Kickstarter objective of $40.000, Crooked Tree Studios are free to concentrate on the "whimsical art direction." It's slated to release in 2014, so expect these rudimentary assets to be expanded into a full game over the coming months.

Throw Trucks With Your Mind Passes Kickstarter Goal, Does What It Says On The Tin

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Late  Mar. 15, 2013 at 15:24

Love where it's heading. Looks crap, tbh, but the first few crap steps are absolutely vital on the way to new frontiers. :D

JonLester  Mar. 15, 2013 at 16:16

Worth noting that it's only in a pre-alpha prototype stage at present, and that all assets are basically placeholders. There's over a year of development to go yet.

You're right, though, it's an exciting field that's definitely still an untapped niche (beyond a few quirky oddities at the Gadget Show etc from time to time). We'll keep our eye on this, but as you say, there'll need to be some stumbling blocks before this sort of thing becomes commonplace...

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