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From Tiger's Test to Capcom's Gamer's Game - News Roundup 13th January 2010

Marius Goubert
Gran Turismo, News

In today’s news roundup, EA try to gauge the damage done to the Tiger Woods game franchise as a result of the golfer’s sordid private life. It’s hard not to be struck with a profound sense of déjà as Sony release another update concerning the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5. Finally, Capcom announce they are cooking up something special for Project Natal - but unfortunately, it won’t be ready in time for Natal's launch this autumn.

EA polling about Woods "controversy"

From Tiger's Test to Capcom's Gamer's Game - News Roundup 13th January 2010

It was around November last year that a string of allegations concerning legendary golfing pro Tiger Woods exploded across the tabloids. Soon after he was accused of an affair with a nightclub manager, Woods smashed his SUV into a hedge, a fire hydrant and finally a tree at 2.30 in the morning outside his Orlando home. Days later, a string of mistresses came out the woodwork armed with sex pictures and compromising voicemail messages like ‘Delete my number. Quick!’ - all of which seemed to confirm Woods’ involvement in a series of long term affairs. But despite the fact Gillette and a number of other companies have dropped Woods from various product endorsements and sponsorship deals, EA are doing a bit of market research to see how gamers feel about the controversy.

A recent Greenfield Online Survey asked whether consumer’s impressions of EA had been ‘More or Less Favourable?’ and whether the controversy made gamers ‘more or less likely to buy a Tiger Woods-related videogame in the future?’. So we thought we’d put it out there. Does Wood’s sordid private life mean that, morally, it’s out of the question to by his games? Would it make you more likely to buy a Wood’s game, or - so long as the game's decent - is his infidelity irrelevant? (Thought so) [VGEVO]

Gran Turismo 5 delayed again News

From Tiger's Test to Capcom's Gamer's Game - News Roundup 13th January 2010

It’s a sad, depressing situation for GT fans desperately waiting on the fifth edition of the series which has held back in development for what feels like eons. But, despite the fact that Sony announced that Gran Turismo 5 would be on sale around March in Japan, they are now saying the game has been delayed yet again due to ‘ambiguous production issues’. However, in an update which was released a short while ago, Eurogamer reported that the delay only applies to the ‘Japanese market.’ So when is the game supposed to be released over here? TBA ‘in due course’ according to Sony. [GranTurismo]

Capcom making "gamer's game" for Natal

From Tiger's Test to Capcom's Gamer's Game - News Roundup 13th January 2010

Capcom were a bit shaken regarding poor sales figures for some of their most recent Nintendo Wii titles as gamers, especially in France, flocked to the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, after announcing they were going to concentrate on publishing games for the Xbox and Playstation, the company are promising a ‘gamer’s game’ on Natal – a platform which they insisted would not be treated as a ‘gimmick’.

"We're not looking at Natal as, 'OK, here's a little Natal gimmick that we've worked into some existing game’ Capcom’s Christian Svensson told G4TV. ‘The approach is we're gonna make a 'gamers game' for Natal using something amongst our brand history.’ ‘We're gonna cook something and it's gonna to take a while to cook he added. We’re on tenterhooks. [GamerRSS]

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