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Half Time | Favourite Gaming Moments of 2013 So Far

Matt Gardner
2013 Half Time, Bioshock Infinite, Favourite Gaming Moments of 2013 So Far, Mass Effect 3: Citadel, Mirror's Edge 2, Planetside 2

It's important to note that some of favourite gaming moments might not necessarily coincide with our shouts for the best games of 2013, but here are a few occurrences and happenings that have proven truly memorable from the past six months, from in-game action to juicy bits of news that have gotten us all flustered, these are our favourite gaming moments of 2013 so far...

Brendan -- Have A Little Faith

Half Time | Favourite Gaming Moments of 2013 So Far

A selection of my highlights include Naughty dog giving us PS4-standard visuals throughout The Last of Us, enjoying the co-op platforming delights of Battleblock Theater with my girlfriend (mainly because I got to push her into spike pits) and finally getting involved with The Walking Dead and Journey thanks to having the privilege of reviewing the retail editions.

As a PlayStation regular, I’ve been fairly amused throughout 2013 at how good the PS4 has been looking while Microsoft have been doing their level best to become Bastards of the Year. It was also great to see EA drop the Online Pass meaning we could rent their games and try out the multiplayer without an extra charge. It was perfectly timed with them releasing Fuse too, which has ‘fun for a rental’ written all over it.

Best news though? It has to be the reveal of a new Mirror’s Edge game. It’s going to be at least 2014 until we see it, but the brief reveal trailer was just what I’ve been craving for years. The original was one of the bravest titles in years and I can only applaud EA for giving DICE the green light to make another game. I think they should go ahead and give it a name though as the prequel nature of the game means it won’t be called Mirror’s Edge 2.

I’m hoping for some tighter controls for Faith, a similar distaste for guns and a more open game world this time to use as a parkour playground. What I really want is for it to be awesome and successful in order to give movement in FPS games the vital boot up the arse it needs. I’m not putting much stock in Titanfall or Dying Light to get the free-running feel right to be honest. I’ll be taking the leap with Faith once again. Come join us.

Matt -- Infinite Philosophies and Pints

Half Time | Favourite Gaming Moments of 2013 So Far

There were a few moments that could have slotted in quite nicely here. The social camaraderie that continues to surround Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been glorious to witness. Take your 3DS along to any sort of event and you'll find others to StreetPass with, homes to check out, items to trade, and people to help you out when it comes to the tropical island's minigames. It's just brought so many people together, of all genders, all ages, it's delightful.

There's have been a bunch of in-game moments too -- most of which happened in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, to be honest -- rediscovering Wii Sports' tennis with a bunch of mates after being gripped by Wimbledon fever and finally, finally learning how to swing the ball like James Anderson, but with a raquet.

But I think my favourite gaming moment has been the aftermath of Bioshock Infinite. The wake of that game saw me debating themes and plot points and ripping that game to pieces to hunt for extra little bits of meaning with a whole bunch of people. Hours-long conversations into the middle of the night, philosophical discussions over many pints debating the intricacies of the narrative design. It was a flawed game in many ways, but it got people talking like no other game this year. The review still stands, but really this was a game that demanded roundtables and alternative perspectives, people reading things into the motif-stuffed shenanigans that I hadn't identified.

Carl -- Kissing & Mechs

Half Time | Favourite Gaming Moments of 2013 So Far

I’ll admit I’m cheating somewhat with this one, but it’s technically a legal pick so bear with me. When my laptop’s HDD decided to self-destruct, I ended up losing the save files for my entire playthrough for the Mass Effect series. I was distraught – all those hours were gone, in an instant, along with my love affair with Jack (which is a matter of public record.) Yes, we here at Dealspwn had found the ending of the trilogy to be somewhat lacking, but we adored the journey we took with our versions of Shepard, and so when the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC was announced (there it is!) bringing the old gang back together for one last thoroughly entertaining hurrah, I knew what I had to do – save the galaxy one more time from the very beginning.

It was a challenge finding the time to do the odd mission here, scan the odd planet there, in-between everything else, but I absolutely needed to see what BioWare had closed off the series with. Thankfully there were a handful of DLC packs I had not bought in previous playthroughs (Overlord from ME2, and Leviathan in ME3) so there was at least some fresh material to experience, but getting to the Citadel DLC was absolutely worth it. The plot may have been ridiculous, the catchphrases cringe-worthy, the action completely over-the-top, but it was, as Jon said in his review, fan-service of the most exquisite kind. More importantly, my Commander Shepard got his overdue tender moment with Jack, allowing the two to connect in a way the main game was unable to do.

It also gave the pair an utterly kick-ass moment in the combat arena that was clearly worth the price of admission alone. Passionately kissing while mechs blow up in the background? Worth. Every. Penny.

Jon -- Taste My Zepher!

Half Time | Favourite Gaming Moments of 2013 So Far

Not so much a singular moment as a highlight reel, most of my favourite gaming memories this year have been aptly provided by Planetside 2. Sony's free to play MMOFPS has evolved into a truly spectacular game over the last few months, and is probably one of the best shooters on the market today.

As a Heavy Assault by choice, I've lost count of the number of facilities I've helped to defend from those Vanu cultists and New Conglomerate reprobates with my trusty Mini Chain Gun, kept alive solely by Carl's superb healing skills. Taking the battle to the skies, Carl and I singlehandedly captured a position from those spandex-clad Vanu with a Liberator gunship, and annihilated entire legions of ground troops as they attempted to assault one of our Bio Labs. That's it. Group closer together. Now taste my Zepher. Shame we accidentally "landed" in the middle of enemy territory to effect repairs. I use the term loosely.

This one time, on Indar, I hot-dropped onto the roof of a hostile Amp Station as a stealthy infiltrator. The battle was all but lost, but I managed to link up with a few marooned Terran Republic light assault troopers and cloakers, formed a squad and performed a brutal guerilla takedown of the entire facility. The NC's aircraft consoles were destroyed or flipped, their erstwhile pilots confused and quickly gunned down from the shadows. Their vehicle and infantry consoles fell next, followed by shield generators. By the time our reinforcements arrived and attacked in earnest, they all but strolled in through the front door. Then I got in a tank and blew stuff up, just because I could.

Regardless of where you look or when you play, there's always an enormous battle to fight in Planetside 2. Tank convoys to ride with. Dogfights to partake in, involving dozens if not hundreds of combatants. For free. Why aren't you playing it?

What's been your favourite gaming moment of 2013 so far? What bits of gaming news have excited you the most? Let us know in the box below!

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stevenjameshyde  Jul. 17, 2013 at 12:23

I know it's a late 2012 game, but for me Far Cry 3 provided my gaming highlight of 2013.


The end game was starting to become a bit of a slog, with forced stealth sections and QTE knife fights trying their hardest to undo all of the freedom that had been offered up to that point... and then I jumped in a helicopter, the opening chords of Ride of the Valkyrie blared from the speakers, and all was forgiven


DivideByZero  Jul. 17, 2013 at 13:30

This may be my favorite gaming moment ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAC5SeNH8jw

The Oculus Rift looks amazing... waiting impatiently for my Dev kit to ship... not long now! Eeep.

Oculus Rift if one of the most exciting things for me. I didn't back it during the kickstarter as I was put off by the customs charges and hassle (having already been through that for the Novint Falcon)... but I crumbled and bought in directly from the Rift site.

Can't wait to get mine... though hopefully will come after the warm weather!

Late  Jul. 17, 2013 at 14:12

Late 2012 games have dominated my game playing highlights this year, too. Far Cry 3, Sleeping Dogs, and XCOM were all fantastic games.
None of 2013's games have come close to blowing me away...
Bioshock was very good but not as good as I'd been expecting.
Tomb Raider was beautiful, but way too reliant on QTEs.
State of Decay was a fantastic game but way too easy - I got most of the achievements in my one playthrough to date, but didn't get the "get killed by zombies" one. And if you don't once get killed by zombies in a zombie game there's something wrong.

Favourite gaming related moment of 2013, so far - Sony announcing the price of the Playstation 4. I think we all expected it to be more expensive than the new xbox, and worries set in when Microsoft's machine was announced to be £430. How close to £500 was Sony's machine going to be?
Not very, as it happens.
Result :D

Being introduced to the Farming Simulator Mad Skillz youtube vid was another highlight of the first half of 2013!

Last edited by Late, Jul. 17, 2013 at 14:49
Realhoneyman  Jul. 17, 2013 at 21:54

Edit: ignore the above post as I've done things in reverse, typically.

In efforts to not tread over old ground, for the first half of 2013 my favourite gaming moment so far had to come in this form:


Let's rock indeed...

Better example (if it uploads correctly this time).


Last edited by Realhoneyman, Jul. 17, 2013 at 21:56

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