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Three Times As Many Kinect Games On The Cards This Year

Tom Silkstone
Games news, Kinect

Three Times As Many Kinect Games On The Cards This Year

I've had Kinect since Christmas and I've got to be honest, apart from the first few days playing on Kinect Adventures, the clever little sensor bar's been sitting near my TV gathering dust. Don't get me wrong I'm excited by the technology, it's incredibly impressive, there just aren't that many games out there that let it shine, although I'm pretty excited about getting hold of Child Of Eden. However, it looks like this is all set to change, in which case I'll need to break out a duster, because according to Microsoft there are three times as many Kinect games lined up for this year.

This revelation about an increase in Kinect games is hardly surprising though when you consider that Dance Central sales have hit the 2.5 million units mark and Kinect Sports have climbed to over 3 million units! Thanks to vg247 for those figures.

When quizzed about the situation by Joystiq, Microsofts' product manager, David Dennis, had this to say:

We've seen some of the media start to ask the question, 'When are we going to see more Kinect games coming?' As we sat there and looked at it we realized we've got a lot of games coming and we're going to show a lot of them at E3,

Well, it looks like we'll just have to wait and see what happens in June, but I've got my fingers crossed that the list of upcoming Kinect games will have a couple of special entries in it rather than being saturated by games that are predominantly focused on the gimmicky nature of motion controls. [vg247]

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Keith1972  Mar. 27, 2012 at 08:23

Can't help but think we've got three times as much pointless shovelware headed our way.

The Kinect's a wonderful piece of hardware and full of possibilities, but it seems like we're either getting awful games cashing in on people not having enough games that use Kinect, or we're getting games where they've just crowbarred Kinect capability into it for the sake of having the logo on the box.

I think in short, the problem is that most gamers want to sit back on the couch, relax and play a game, not stand in the middle of a cleared room and jig about like a Riverdancer being electrocuted.

Maybe my predictions were wrong as the preowned price doesn't seem to be dropping, but, I do wonder how many Kinects are in a cupboard where they've been tucked away since about a week after they were bought. Or installed, but only used to wave thru menus occasionally.

(Despite all this, I still really want one! Just can't justify a hundred quid, knowing I might get tired of it after a few days!)


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