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TimeSplitters 2 HD Was Once In Development, As Was Killer Instinct HD

Matt Gardner
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TimeSplitters 2 HD Was Once In Development, As Was Killer Instinct HD

One day, there'll be a world where the nice things that we all crave may all come to fruition. Former Rare staffers Steve Ellis, Martin Wakeley and Lee Musgrave have revealed that TimeSplitters 2 HD and Killer Instinct HD was development at Free Radical back in 2008, before the company were taken over by Crytek.

“We had a “HD” downloadable version of TimeSplitters 2 in development at Free Radical in 2008. I don’t know what happened to that but yes, I’d love to see it released at some point,” said Ellis, chatting to Not Enough Shaders. “Maybe it could be the catalyst that is required in order to raise enough interest in TimeSplitters 4 that a publisher might want to fund it.”

Lee Musgrave stated that Banjo Kazooie and its sequel were really test cases for the possibility of converting other Rare/Free Radical titles into arcade releases.

“Rare outsourced some of the conversion/development of Banjo Kazooie for Xbox Live Arcade, and it was kind of a test case for us to see what could be achieved in terms of developing with a partner, keeping our costs low and making some revenue,” he said. “You can make your own conclusions as to how that turned out by the fact that we didn’t move on to any of the other games you mention.

“We came close to firing off a conversion of Killer Instinct a few times, but there were licensing obstacles to that, and it never really had enough perceived interest to push it forward. Oh, and of course, there was Goldene . . .

Crytek's Cevat Yerli has suggested that doing a TimeSplitters follow-up would be difficult as there are "fundamental issues" with the concept, also saying that "if we made a sequel to TimeSplitters, nobody would accept this apart from some fans, and we don’t know how big the fan community is unfortunately". Some fans, however, have been valiantly trying to prove him wrong.

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