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TimeSplitters Fans Campaigning For 100K Likes

Matt Gardner
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TimeSplitters Fans Campaigning For 100K Likes

Well, we've theorised that Cevat Yerli's outspoken comments regarding the unsuitability of the TimeSplitters series for a current audience might just have been a way to poke the bear, and fans of the Free Radical FPS have responded with a Facebook campaign looking to make their voices heard.

The initial goal is set for 100,000 likes. That's 100,000 folks who'd buy TimeSplitters 4 or champion a retouched marketplace release for the three previous games. We've put our names down, now it's your turn.

Tell your friends.

Thanks Alex.

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Ray118  Jun. 22, 2012 at 21:53

Please Please Please Please Please Please Like this page guys!

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