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Titan Quest Gold for £2.49 @ Steam [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Titan Quest Gold for £2.49 @ Steam [PC Games]

Fans of isometric action RPGs will doubtlessly be salivating with anticipation for Diablo 3, but there's been no shortage of quality hack 'n' slash loot grinders for gamers to get stuck into while they're waiting. For this week only, it'll be much cheaper for us to practice our crowd control and inventory management skills since Steam are currently charging £2.49 for the Gold Edition of Titan Quest. This package includes the original game and its expansion pack; providing a net saving of over £17.

Titan Quest takes the familiar action RPG formula and injects a healthy dose of Greek mythology. You'll choose a character class and throw down on hordes of harpies, centaurs, satyrs and classic legendary beasts whilst constantly improving your skills through a refreshingly flexible upgrade system. Naturally, there are over a thousand weapons, armour pieces and other collectibles to equip or sell; though the inventory system is unfortunately a cumbersome and unintuitive monster that will take a while to tame.

£2.49 will net you a lot of content. Titan Quest is an enormous game with a large number of sidequests and optional dungeons to explore. The maps are vast and provide an epic sense of exploration and scale... as well as a large amount of repetitive grind that can occasionally get tedious over long gaming sessions. One of the most unique features of Titan Quest is that it includes a comprehensive editing suite that allows wannabe level designers to produce their own maps and missions. This greatly increases the (already impressive) value of this deal, since there's a fair amount of aftermarket content available for download. Fans of the genre looking for serious value should take advantage of the Steam midweek deal while it lasts!

Thanks to Cuddy at Hot UK Deals

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Timbo  Feb. 4, 2010 at 07:21

This is an excellent game, well worth the cash if you haven't already played it.

Matt Gardner  Feb. 4, 2010 at 13:16

Yes, yes it is.


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