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Titanfall 101 – Hardpoint Beta Gameplay | Dealspwn Playthrough

Matt Gardner
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Titanfall 101 – Hardpoint Beta Gameplay | Dealspwn Playthrough

The Titanfall servers have been slammed over the past day or two as Respawn made the decision to open the beta up to everyone who wants in, but by and large the game's remained pretty damn stable and gloriously playable.

Here's the last in our little miniseries of Titanfall 101 videos, taking a look at the beta's game modes, and it's probably the favourite of the Dealspwn team -- Hardpoint.

Much like Conquest Domination in Battlefield 3, Hardpoint sees two teams vying for control of a handful of capture points. In the case of the beta, there were three capture points on Angel City and Fracture, with the former making for tight encounters with lots of indoor combat and narrow urban pathways, and the latter handling things rather differently with large patches of open ground.

Hardpoint requires some tactical thinking, as teams are fighting to be the first to reach 400 domination points, achieved by holding the capture points for as long as possible and successfully defending your holds. The Smart Pistol, though a great offensive weapon, is perhaps not the best for defensive purposes, and often stationing your Titan as a tactical decoy can prove immensely effective when looking to (quite literally) get the jump on an enemy mech.

It has to be said, this mode has probably been our favourite thus far, thanks to the deeper level of objective-based gameplay. But what did you guys make of it? Let us know how you got on in the box below.

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Late  Feb. 18, 2014 at 16:23

I loved Hardpoint. Probably spent about 60% of my time playing this, and about 40% playing Attrition. I never tried Last Titan Standing.

I always sprint to the furthermost checkpoint on the map right at the start (preferably using stims and/or a "prosthetic legs" burn-card) and hold it until I get a titan - then leave it to guard that spot while I help on the other two places.

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