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Titanfall: Expedition DLC contains three new maps, count 'em

Jonathan Lester
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Titanfall: Expedition DLC contains three new maps, count 'em

Titanfall's first DLC pack has been revealed. Expedition will be included as part of the season pass, offering three new maps set in uncharted territory. Hence the name, really. Runoff, Swamplands and Wargames should provide some temples, jungles and swamps to leap and stomp through - but we hope it's supported by new modes and content too.

Here's some story blurb:

"In the wake of the Battle of Demeter, IMC Expeditionary Forces travel deep into Frontier space to recover from their recent defeat. On an uncharted world, the IMC begin construction of a new fleet operations base, using newly acquired water collection and filtration plants to support the new base. When drainage operations reveal ancient ruins and artifacts of an unknown origin in a nearby swamp, Spyglass activates an archaeological team to investigate the site. To maintain battle readiness at the new base, IMC Pilots use simulation pods to train for anticipated Militia raids, based on lessons learned in Angel City and IMC Airbase Sierra."

It's possible that these maps will support new campaign missions alongside traditional gametypes , then, while new modes will be delivered free via title updates. Some new guns and a new metagame might be nice as a matter of priority.

We suspect that the three new maps will be just as superb as the original 15, but three isn't exactly the most generous of content offerings. At least it will be cheaper than Call Of Duty or Battlefield DLC, clocking in at $9.99 (presumably £7.99).

I'm still enjoying Titanfall on a very regular basis, as someone who played FPSs before arbitrary ranks and unlocks were the norm (that's all window dressing to me) - but I know that many players are understandably concerned about the game's long-term appeal. Where do you stand, and what do you want in terms of new maps, modes and features?

We want full Titan cosmetic customisation, frankly, though we may have to wait for the sequel for that.

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Tsung  Apr. 14, 2014 at 11:53

I held off buying the season pass as it was £19.99 and the map packs individually are £8. Thus the saving was £1.33 per pack for pre-purchasing an unknown quantity /promise of 3 extra packs.

Only 3 levels is my first initial shock reaction, the game needs a lot more. For one I'd like the ability to choose / vote the maps I end up joining. The game seems to keep dropping me into the same map every time I play, it gets tiring.

More variety is desperately needed, but I suspect that will be held off for Titanfall 2 (I wonder when that is happening).

I do enjoy playing the game (I would even say it's my "go to" FPS title at the moment) yet I haven't played it in the past 2 weeks.

I'll see how this pack does, if people like it, I'll buy it on it's own. The season pass really isn't worth the saving.

JonLester  Apr. 14, 2014 at 12:01

@Tsung: good decision! 8) Pre-ordering season passes is a mug's game, as you're spending good money on mysterious content that doesn't even exist.

It's worth noting that the three maps come with a lower price compared to other games' map packs, and that more content has been promised by free updates.

Like you, I want map voting and 45-60 second lobby times ASAP.

Late  Apr. 14, 2014 at 12:06

Would love them to add cosmetic customisations for titans and emblems.

Still loving the game. At present I'm focussing mainly on levelling up. You don't get anything much for doing so, but I feel the need to get to tenth generation. Last night I went to gen 5 (I'm not looking forward at all to the Gooser challenge. Thankfully the requirement was recently reduced from killing 50 ejecting pilots - you now only need kill five. That's still going to be a pain in the **** - I've only killed one since I got the game!)

I'd still thoroughly enjoy the game without focussing purely on levelling, though. And my stats would look a bit better too.
I love playing Hardpoint - it's my new Search & Destroy (I rarely deviated from S&D on Call of Duty).

Great to see a few new maps added. Will almost certainly buy the map pack or the season pass.

bggriffiths  Apr. 20, 2014 at 10:55

3 levels for that money sounds fair. Especially when COD usually charge nearly double for four and one of them is always a map from a previous game.

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