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Titanfall IMC Campaign #4 - Jon & Matt Get Barker

Matt Gardner
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Titanfall IMC Campaign #4 - Jon & Matt Get Barker

On to episode four and we're back in Angel City and trying to capture one of the militia's ace pilots because... well... we're the baddies.

That's pretty much as far as we get in terms of caring about the plot, as we jump once more onto the backs of enemy Titans and start blowing them to smithereens.

What an excellent word: smithereens. Barnstorming bonus points for Titanfall for encouraging the use of that word.

Unfortunately, partly due to pre-launch instability, and partly due to the fact that my PC's exhaust fan appeared to have been packing dust away like city slickers huff mountains of cocaine, we crashed out just as we entered the epilogue on this one. That's probably just as well, mind, given our fairly awful track record at successful extractions.

How are you guys and girls getting on at Titanfall? Did you spend the weekend gracefully skipping across walls and rooftops and hopscotching your way between giant mechanical war machines? Let us know how you're finding it.

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SteQ  Mar. 17, 2014 at 14:16

Ive managed to log in and play a couple of games past 12am GMT, the rest of the time I just end up staring at the spaceship loading screen. These videos of you having fun make me sad.

Looks like im not alone:

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