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Titanfall IMC Campaign #9 – Jon & Matt Protect Their Robot Buddies

Matt Gardner
EA, FPS games, Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall, Videos

Titanfall IMC Campaign #9 – Jon & Matt Protect Their Robot Buddies

This is it! The final chapter. The Militia are trying to shut down the Spectre production lines, and we have to stop them. Not that it really matters if we win or lose. Soemtimes I feel like the Titanfall campaign is an enormous comment on the linearity of game narratives and how, ultimately, our choices don't really matter even when it feels like we have choices, as if the game were some kind of mech-fuelled Stanley Parable.

But then I slap myself in the face and realise that I'm overthinking it, that the campaign makes about as much sense as condom machine in the Vatican, and that I have no idea who the hell Blisk and Graves and Barker and any of these named incidental characters who I don't give a monkeys about actually are.

Still, it's a been a fun ride.

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