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TitanFall: Respawn's New IP Revealed In Game Informer Leak

Carl Phillips
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TitanFall: Respawn's New IP Revealed In Game Informer Leak

Exclusive To Xbox One, PC & Xbox 360, Leak Suggests

Once again the folks over on NeoGAF have uncovered some tasty morsels ahead of E3, all thanks to a prematurely published edition of Game Informer. Very close to the Titan trademark that was discovered recently, the game from Respawn Entertainment will be called Titanfall, and will be coming out on Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 version being ported by a different studio.

The cover image for the July edition gives the first non-blurry look at the upcoming shooter, but if you want to see it you’ll have to head over to NeoGAF by hitting the link here. So let’s get on with the details that have emerged from the leaked article.

It appears our report from April regarding Respawn’s game appear to be true, with Titanfall having a “campaign multiplayer” that will heavily utilise the Cloud for “dedicated servers,” “physics” and “AI calculations.” Although the plan was for it to hit current-gen consoles, they realised the machines couldn’t run it, and became intrigued when they investigated what Microsoft was planning with the Xbone.

It is, as expected, a first person shooter, but it will feature ground and mech combat, with the mechs being called Titans and ground troops called pilots. Titans themselves will feel fast and have the ability to dodge, but for those players who do not wish to be a hulking mech (for some reason) they can play as pilots and have an AI Titan follow them around. Pilots will reportedly be very agile with the ability to run on walls and have multiple jumps, utilising a variety of weapons to take down the giant foes. There is also mention of hacking to turn Titans to your side.

In terms of the game engine, some may be surprised to learn that it will be the Source Engine (of Half Life 2 and Left 4 Dead fame) as Respawn felt building a new one from scratch would take too much time, but the leak insists that many parts of the engine have been rewritten for next-gen, and that it will produce 60 fps. In terms of style, inspirations such as District 9 and Blade Runner are mentioned, with a storytelling style similar to that used in Left 4 Dead. The leak mentions a plotline about segregated humans on frontier planets, with corporations taking resources from them back to Earth.

The multiplayer component will reportedly feature AI enemies as well as two player teams, and there is also mention of Kinect support, smartglass integration, regular multiplayer to go alongside the campaign multiplayer, and a single player mode “that isn’t revealed yet.” As for a Playstation 4 version, there won’t be one for Titanfall, with Respawn deciding to focus their efforts on one console this time around due to the team being small. They go on to state that going multiplatform in the future was a possibility, but that they were having issues working out how to efficiently use Sony’s architecture.

You can read the entire list of retrieved information from the leaked article by heading over to the NeoGAF thread.

More details are slowly emerging, and we’ll be sure to update you as they emerge, but this is surely an unwanted blow to Microsoft’s press conference. Hopefully we’ll see the game in action during their presser, but for now you can consider the interest levels here at Dealspwn “piqued.”

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