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Titanfall Season Pass now free on PC - 3 great map packs for absolutely no money

Jonathan Lester
DLC, FPS, PC games, Titanfall

Titanfall Season Pass now free on PC - 3 great map packs for absolutely no money

Titanfall's three map packs were slashed down to absolutely gratis on Xbox 360 and Xbox One last night, but now PC players can get in on the freebie action too.

Click here to buy the Titanfall Season Pass for, erm, £0.00.

In case you missed the memo, you can get the season pass for £0.00 on Xbox One, or download the ExpeditionFrontier's Edge and IMC Rising map packs individually on Xbox 360. A fantastic find by Jerec @ HUKD!

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BuzzDuraband  Mar. 11, 2015 at 18:47

I saw somebody ask earlier why they were doing this, Why are EA giving away the Titanfall Season Pass away over three platforms?

I think it's quite self explanatory really, I have just downloaded this free season pass, and as it currently stands there are:

69 players world wide on the expansion Expedition,
2 players world wide on the expansion Frontier's Edge,
and also 6 players world wide on IMC Rising.

It's quite sad really, I enjoyed playing the Call Of Duty titles right up to Modern Warfare 3 but haven't really played a FPS online since until Titanfall, and although I can always manage to find a game on Titanfall, whether it be on the Xbox One or PC, I always want to see more players online, just because. :(

Tsung  Mar. 12, 2015 at 08:23

Indeed, I guess as much, no-one is playing the game. The real question is why? The game itself works, and is great fun to play. Far better than any recent COD release...

So what has gone wrong?. Are the Azure servers playing up? either falsely reporting playing number or just not matching people? or has the game run it's course already? people played, enjoyed and then moved on? or is it the forced platform of choice on the PC (Origin) that stops it being extremely popular?

Sadly (on PC) the auto match making was always frustrating at best, sitting around waiting for games to start and waiting for the matching system to put you in a game (with no real choice of map). Hell we had no idea of player number until recently, so had no idea if other players were waiting for the picked game mode. Even once matched the sides could end up being unfair, in some game modes (aka. Titan's Only) just 1 person less on a team would result in an almost guaranteed loses.

If people have bought, played and moved on, what does that say about us as gamers?. We mock the yearly release of COD, yet lap it up every year. Every year it's the "last one" we will buy, every year, we buy the next one. Maybe we don't have the attention span to play a game over 1 year old?

That leaves origin, which sadly a lot of my friends do not want to touch with a 10-foot barge pole. These friends are the ones who go to Lan parties, hardcore gamers. Some play BF3/BF4, but only ever sign into origin to play that, then once finished sign out (so it's not running on their machines).

Now, I wonder, if EA swallowed it's pride, and released Titanfall completed on Steam / other platforms for a reasonable price (say £15) if the player numbers would recover? It might be too late.....

I've had a lot of fun in Titanfall, and if the player numbers were solid wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my friends (who haven't got it). Sadly, the player base isn't there, and thus, I couldn't recommend it to anyone. (Catch-22) :P

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