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Titanfall's gaudy Xbox One controller now only £44.99 at GAME

Jonathan Lester
peripherals, Xbox One Controller

Titanfall's gaudy Xbox One controller now only £44.99 at GAME

Titanfall official Xbox One controller | GAME | £44.99 (save £5)
Xbox One controller hardware review

If you're in the market for another Xbox One controller and want to show your loyalty to Hammond Robotics, Titanfall's official peripheral is the eyecatching answer. Though, for many, "eyecatching" is perhaps a nicer way of saying "hideous." Personally, I kinda like it, and we can at least agree that GAME will save you a few quid versus their nearest competitors. Thanks to Syzable @ HUKD!

Be advised: I'm still playing Titanfall on a regular basis and enjoying it thoroughly (I keep finding new niches for each weapon in those fantastic maps), but are you? Some players are understandably miffed at the relative lack of customisation options and metagame - let us know where you stand.

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Late  May. 9, 2014 at 10:31

Fugly controller.
Still enjoying the game (currently Gen 8 ), and playing it every evening, but I'm not playing it as much as I was. I'm not bored with it, but I see a hint of it on the horizon.
Hopefully some new maps will help keep us interested. When they arrive. In May. Sometime.
Hurry up and release them already!

Edit - damnit, bbcode, why you do this to me. Thanks Jon

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JonLester  May. 9, 2014 at 10:59

@Late: Heh, I'm only Gen II - partly because I play equally on Xbox One and PC, but mainly because it took me an age to accrue 40mm cannon kills. Had a lengthy love affair with the Triple Threat for a while.

And now I have to use the sodding railgun. Bleh. At least I'm an ace with the SMG.

Also, I assume you meant "Gen 8" - remember that 8 ) becomes a smiley when you remove the space. "Gen 8)" actually works pretty well though!

I know what you mean, mind. Titanfall does need more content - both in terms of maps and more importantly modes, perhaps alongside some more customisation options. As much as anything, a visual representation of your Gen rank might be nice - maybe a snazzier helmet, stripes or reticle.

EDIT: Typo

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Late  May. 9, 2014 at 12:22

Thanks Jon.

Hate the railgun - though it does get slightly better when you get the faster fire upgrade. You don't need to use it in Gen 2, though - unless you're doing the achievement for unlocking all weapon attachments.
I don't have that achievement yet, but will probably go for it when I'm Gen 9 - since that gen requires you to get loads of kills with the Railgun, the Smart Pistol and the Kraber sniper rifle. Ugh. Probably makes sense to get the achievement while I'm forced to use the three weapons I least like rather than have to use them twice over.
Gen 9 is going to take an absolute age, though, I think.

Generation 9 Requirements to Next Level:
MVP (General) : 50
Deadly Apparition (Kills) : 200
Death Reincarnate (Mobility Kills) : 75
Disarmed (Melee Kills) : 25
Critically Conditioned XO-16 Chaingun (Titan Weapons) : 400
Critically Conditioned Plasma Railgun (Titan Weapons) : 50
Top Gun (Smart Pistol Mk5) : 75
Top Gun (Hemlok BF-R) : 75
Top Gun (Kraber-AP Sniper) : 25

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