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Titanic Titanfall Roundup

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Titanic Titanfall Roundup

Titanfall swept to number #1 in the charts this week, which isn't really surprising given that Xbox One sales jumped up by almost 100% on last week's numbers and that the statisticians take bundles into account. Even so, Respawn's shooter has taken the industry by storm, and we've been providing coverage every step of the way, so much so that we thought it'd be a good idea to round everything up thus far and give you a neat little one-stop for all of your Titanfall needs.

The Titanfall Review

Here's the magnificent Jonathan Lester delivering his ultimate verdict on Titanfall:

"I agonised over the final score for hours, wavering between an 8 and 9, but ultimately I'm going to go with my gut and our review criteria.

"As much as anything, I can't wait to play it again. I want to play it right now. Usually I can't wait to be shot of a game after intensively crushing it for review purposes (even the best of them), but here, I'm ready for more." - 9/10

Titanfall 101

Six videos that take you through each of the main multiplayer match types in Titanfall.

And here's a link to Jon's epic Titanfall Survival Guide.

Campaign Playthrough

Join Jon (@jon_dealspwn) and Matt (@FuzzyPixels) as they shoot, stomp, and Titanfail their way through the nine levels of the IMC campaign, revelling in being the baddies and ignoring the script almost entirely to make their own adventures with a jetpack, a carbine, and a ten-ton mech.

Game Night

We've embedded our Game Night from Titanfall's beta here, but there'll be another video coming soon as well from the finished game. We'll be recording on Monday 17th March between the hours of 7pm and 9pm, so if you see us come say hello and find a creative way of stomping us to death.


But what about you, dear reader? How have you been getting on? Which platform did you buy it on? What's your favourite loadout or level? Controller or keyboard and mouse?IMC or Militia? Let us know what you've been getting up to in Respawn's shooter and tell us of tales of your time in Titanfall.

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