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TNA Impact: Cross The Line Pre-Order £14.85 @ ShopTo [PSP Games]

Felix Kemp
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TNA Impact: Cross The Line Pre-Order £14.85 @ ShopTo [PSP Games]

If you're craving some wrestling action while on the go, then TNA Impact: Cross the Line, which releases on the 18th of June, is now on sale at ShopTo for just £14.85, and if you pre-order before 12PM on Wednesday the 16th, they'll guarantee a release-date delivery!

TNA Impact: Cross the Line is the first portable version of the professional wrestling sport, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, which I imagine would be a very tiring exercise. As such, it's yet to receive proper review coverage on the web, although MetaCritic are advertising snippets from select reviews, although none of them are particularly glowing. "There's still some impact here, but the blow is certainly blunted" state Playstation: The Official Magazine, whereas Play UK hope "Hogan wraps his 24-inch pythons around the neck of the guy responsible for this".

TNA Impact: Cross the Line is a game where you must master grips, holds, locks and throws, as you duke it out with a variety of flamboyant and overly theatrical wrestlers who, without wrestling, would probably find their acting abilities more suited for the adult entertainment market. Cross the Line differs, however, from most wrestling games where you pick from an established combatant or craft your own, instead plunking you in the boots of fiction superstar, Suicide. Suicide was once TNA's champ, but one day he finds himself on a hospital bed in a decrepit Mexican hospital, with no recollection of how he came to be there, or who he even is. You discover a poster for a wrestling competition, and this stirs a latent desire in your heart, and as quick as that, you're back in the game to reclaim your crown.

Cross the Line is completely licensed, meaning it contains the full TNA roster, from Booker T to Robert Roode. It's usual wrestling game affair in the ring, with two combatants duking it out in the ring, either to render the other unconscious via brutal and inhumane means, or succeed at some ridiculous sporting concept, like grab a flag attached to the mesh-ceiling of the cage ring.

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LarryPena  Jun. 15, 2010 at 13:09

This Game is going 2 b Awsome for PSP And PSP GO And DSi . I Hope Suicide a high flyer on it . cant wait


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