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Tom Clancy's EndWar £4.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Tom Clancy's EndWar £4.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Clancy must be rolling in money. I bet he has a fountain in the middle of his platinum swimming pool made out of jelly babies that spurts Dom Perignon. If he does own a mansion made from Rolex wristwatches, then it partly thanks to games like this: serious-minded combat sims that nearly always have a certain degree of accomplished design to them, and this RTS is no different. EndWar is described by Ubisoft as a 'real-time tactics' game, and it comes with a twist: you can order your troops around with just your voice.

If you like the idea of ushering around platoons of battle hardened soldiers by twanging your vocal cords around then you'll be pleased to know that it'll cost you less than a fiver, if you own an Xbox 360 that is. Play.com is currently offering this version of the game for just £4.99, saving you almost £5 on the nearest competitor (ShopTo - £9.85). Hit the link below for more:

Taking place in the same classic Clancy universe as Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six, EndWar is essentially all about the war to end all wars: World War III. You have the option of taking control of the military might of one of three different factions - Europe, the US or Russia - and steering them towards victory. You get reports of other nations engaged in the global conflict and even the Pope makes an appearance, just to give off the impression that this is no isolated struggle.

Much like every other RTS on the plant, you get to control a number of different types of military units:, specifically riflemen, engineers, tanks, transports, gunships, artillery, and command vehicles. Moreover, each unit will increase in efficacy as they fight, meaning that should your men survive, they will be much more efficient the more battles you stick them in.

Of course, RTS games just don't work on consoles, that's always been the case right? Wrong. EndWar changed my mind on this one. For the first time ever I found myself not really missing the mouse, and all because of the game's voice functionality. It's wonderful to see a great idea that actually works like it's supposed to, and I had great fun bellowing orders into my headset. The voice recognition is superbly implemented, but also supported by a context sensitive controller layout that is highly accessible and provides an excellent game interface when used in conjunction with barking commands.

EndWar has its flaws, most of them coming from the fact that were it not for the voice command option the game would be pretty damn unassuming. But the fact that you can sit there in your recliner screaming attack orders into your headset (just like I imagine they totally do in real life) makes this game most certainly worth a punt. Sure, it's fairly derivative, and the skirmishes are pretty basic and simple affairs, but it's an RTS that works...no, wait...works well on a console. Now that's something so rare that it's got to be worth a fiver!

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