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Tomb Raider Hub Spaces To Offer "Large Playgrounds" For Platforming And Traversal

Matt Gardner
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Tomb Raider Hub Spaces To Offer "Large Playgrounds" For Platforming And Traversal

We've seen plenty of action, lots of Lara talking to herself, , and a whole bunch of narrative information, but Crystal Dynamics haven't shown off a huge amount of the platform-puzzle gameplay that made up a huge amount of past Tomb Raider experiences. Not to worry, though, as Senior Art Director Brian Horton has revealed that the game's hub spaces will offer "great opportunity for people who love traversal".

"We have things in our hub spaces that are large playgrounds," Horton told Dealspwn at E3 this year. "They're a great opportunity for people who love traversal, who love to traverse and use it to get Lara from here to there. But what we've done is put fluidity into that movement. Before, in Tomb Raider, it was a lot more like a puzzle - very linear - we're letting you use analogue stick control to carve your own path. That is going to be the differentiation factor and what makes our game stand out from our competition."

It's clear that certain parts of this reboot seem a lot more open, and although Horton is at pains to stress that Tomb Raider is not an open world game, those hub areas will offer players the chance to assess , explore, and discover secrets as they return with new skills and new abilities, with the dynamic traversal mechanic helping to get them there.

"It is not an open world game; we have to be very clear about that," he said. "But it is a hub-based game, if you think about Zelda or other games like that where you can come back and revisit a location. So revisiting our exploration spaces is a big part of our model. The gear that you will aqcuire will allow you to unlock new parts, as you grow your gear, you upgrade it, you'll be able to revisit those spaces and go to new places that you couldn't go before."

Check out Jon's full E3 interview with Brian Horton in 15 mins.

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