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Tomb Raider: Legend £4.22 @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Tomb Raider: Legend £4.22 @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 Games]

Swinging around exotic islands looking for historical treasures whilst avoiding rival archaeologists and hostile creatures is an everyday occurrence for Lara Croft, and we're along for the ride once again in Tomb Raider: Legend.

NB. Remember to use the following code to pick up the game at the advertised price: FTSL15-1

You can grab a copy of the game on the 360 for £4.22 from Tesco Entertainment, which is over £5 cheaper than the next best offer of £9.98 coming in from Choices UK. You'll want to take advantage of the promotional code as soon as possible as it runs out at the end of July, although even without the code Tesco's price is still the cheapest on the market.

The story grabs you right from the start and you get a glimpse into Lara's past during the numerous flashbacks that occur during the course of the game. The cutscenes are also interactive, so you'll need to quickly hit a few buttons in some of them in order to keep Lara's adventure going.

In this instalment of the series, running around the environments performing incredible acrobatics to get past difficult obsticles is an absolute joy and rarely do you find yourself limited by the controls. One of the new tools in the game is the grappling hook, which is not only useful for getting to those hard to reach areas, but can also be used to pull enemies into your grasp.

Combat is also great fun and you don't have to worry about running out of ammo as Lara's silver pistols have an unlimited supply. Standing still when engaging enemies will almost certainly end in your demise, so you'll have to let a few rounds off whilst hopping around to avoid stray bullets.

Tomb Raider: Legend is a vast improvement on some of the earlier sequels that preceded it, and it's definitely worth a punt at under £5.

Thanks to andywedge @ HUKD

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