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Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details Break Cover

Jonathan Lester
Crystal Dynamics, multiplayer, Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details Break Cover

The first solid details about Tomb Raider's multiplayer suite have come to light. Team deathmatches and various objective modes will be on offer, boasting a few quirks that take advantage of the island setting.

According to OXM, who got hands-on with Crystal Dynamics' multiplayer modes in their latest issue [transcribed by Tomb Raider forum member miss.haggard],Team Deathmatch will be the most recognisable gametype. Players assume the role of one of Lara's fellow survivors or the depraved Scavengers, challenging teams to win in a 'best of three' match format. This being a Tomb Raider game, traps such as arrow launchers and hidden spikes will pose as much of a threat as the opposition.

In Rescue Mode, Survivors race to secure medical packs and transport them to key areas while being constantly harried by the Scavengers. A bleed-out timer will provide scope for some nasty executions, though revival isn't mentioned.

Cry For Help will ostensibly try to do something completely different, placing a "strong emphasis on discovery and collection." Adventure rather than combat will be the focus of this mysterious mode - the mind boggles.

In terms of progression, a range of characters with different statistics and loadout options can be purchased and upgraded with earned experience. A sample loadout includes a fun or bow, a sidearm, explosive/projectile and a climbing axe melee weapon.

Does Tomb Raider need multiplayer? Really? We'll reserve judgement until the finished product arrives, because that's exactly what we said about Mass Effect 3 and its surprisingly addictive 4-player action...

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Late  Jan. 3, 2013 at 11:44

Tomb Raider multiplayer?!
Oh no no no no no no no!!!!!

Might be okay, to be fair - just seems so very wrong.
Multiplayer games keep their value better, and can be great money spinners thanks to the relative ease of bringing out new maps after a few months, but it needs to be done well - and even if it is done well it's likely to look contrived on a game like this...

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