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Tomb Raider: Underworld £7.73 @ The Hut [Xbox 360 Game]

Marius Goubert
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Tomb Raider: Underworld £7.73 @ The Hut [Xbox 360 Game]

Tomb Raider Underworld sees Lara Croft back on top once again and proving that the franchise is far from dead and buried. So fans of the busty, gun slinging archaeologist get ready for good news. Tomb Raider: Underworld is now being offered by the The Hut for just £7.73! That’s a great saving given that (according to price comparison) you’d be hard pressed to find a copy for less than £12.

Underworld follows on from its predecessor Tomb Raider: Legend., where, still attempting to uncover the truth about her mother and the mystery surrounding her father’s research, Lara travels to an ancient ruin on the Mediterranean seabed. There she discovers a strange temple dedicated to Norse mythology, and as the plot thickens, finds evidence that the legendary hammer of Thor actually exists (incredible!).

The game also has some innovations in terms of gameplay. One added bonus in Underworld is that Lara is now able to shoot two targets simultaneously. This is a great advantage when the player is facing a horde of bats or a nasty pack of wolves. The game also includes a focus ability. This is a bit like Max Payne and means that after every successful attack Lara’s focus ability will grow and she is able to slow down time. This of course has a clear advantages, however, IGN do point out that the battles in Underworld lack the challenge of Legend as a result.

The game also features ‘what could Lara do?’ approach to problem solving. This means that the designers have attempted to give the player a non-linear sense of versatility when approaching puzzles. There are often several ways in which a ledge or a switch can be reached, and it is up to the player to use the freedom of control – pioneered by Legend – to get Lara where she needs to be.

So overall, Underworld brings in some nice new touches which compliment the story and gameplay of Legend. However, the game is also let down by a few technical issues. Lara is prone to jumping through solid objects like pillars, or falling through the scenery, which can be a major pain. The frame rates can also lag. This is a shame given that the game is so superb visually. So although there is a lot of fun to be had in Underworld, and there is no denying it’s another classic addition to the Tomb Raider Series, it is still let down by a few issues. All in all according to IGN, TRU will always be in the shadow of Legend.

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