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Tony Hawk: "It's Super Tricky Out There" If You're Not An FPS

Matt Gardner
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Tony Hawk: "It's Super Tricky Out There" If You're Not An FPS

Skating legend Tony Hawk has acknowledged that "the skate genre is almost nonexistent" these days, stating that "it's super tricky" to sell anything at the moment to a publisher...unless you're in possession of a first-person shooter, that is.

"When our game was hitting really hard [around 1999] there were roughly 10-15 top games that were go-tos," said Hawk, speaking to IGN. "Now there are only three or four that are the standard. If you're not a first-person shooter at this point you're kind of struggling. If you're not Call of Duty, you're not Halo, it's super tricky out there."

Hawk's been pitching an HD Collection for a little while, but Activision passed on it the first time around - a move that Hawk is grateful for, in hindsight, as playing the waiting game has appeared to have created a far better platform for release thanks to widespread digital distribution.

"[Activision] knew better than I did that they didn't have time to develop it in short of a year, that it wasn't the right time," Hawk said of his original pitch from a few years back.

"Holding off worked out for the better. It opened up new opportunities. Now we can do it as digital content and make it that much less expensive. We're releasing this game for $15, which is totally unheard of for a big franchise game."

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Collection will be out in July, sporting the cream of the crop in terms of skate parks, locales, and levels from the earlier games in the series. From a time where Goldfinger and Millencolin were the order of the day, rather than crummy peripherals.

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phil16  Apr. 17, 2012 at 11:49

Reading that made me wonder how long until Activison try and squeeze some sort of shooting mechanic into the game or do an FPS reboot? Tony Hawks Kickflip of Duty anyone?

hurrakan  Apr. 17, 2012 at 12:52

A skateboarding game set in GTA could be interesting heh.

DivideByZero  Apr. 17, 2012 at 13:36

I think they are again using excuses for poor sales.

Tony Hawk's first few games were amaizng, but they they kept adding boring stories and making the levels way too big to be fun... then Ride happened and everyone hated it.
Poor game design, pure and simple. Sure, be angry that Call of Duty MW3 still sells really well despite very poor game design... but if you design a good game, people will buy it.

Take SSX for one very real, very similar example. If you can skate you can snowboard and so if people can make an amazing and successful snowboarding game in the age of the FPS, then so can you make a successful skteabording game.

I can't wait for TH-HD though! hopefully back to what I liked about TH.

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