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Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

Felix Kemp
Features, Final Fantasy XIV, Modern Warfare 2

We've already covered our Top 10 Most Broken Games, but judging from your reaction, we overlooked a few key culprits. We're not simply confining ourselves to titles overrun with glitches, but those with less obvious problems. Deep-seated issues only a therapist can cure. So, without further ado, a phrase I very rarely employ, let alone understand, we present the 10 Most Broken Games, Round Two!

10. Modern Warfare 2

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

How did I forgot Modern Warfare 2? The online multiplayer, whilst being about as addictive as Chinese food laced with cocaine, is simply riddled with bugs, despite Infinity Ward's best eradication efforts. From the infamous 'care-package glitch', where wily rascals tricked the game into constantly rewarding them with reward-laden cargo crates, to the ridiculously powerful 1887s, MW2 even saw gamers extracting themselves from the map and running riot underneath, and even rocketing into the air on an invisible propulsion device. Still, we love it.

9. Gears of War 2

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

Another game where it was the glitch-addled netcode to blame. Gears 2 was a terrific game, especially in local co-op, but online was an absolute mess. Host advantage was rampant, so-called 'execution conga-lines', where a row of players racked up, each chainsawing the next. But it was the excruciating wait between matches that hammered the last nail in the coffin. I once put some pasta on the boil and enjoyed a plate before slipping into a game. That's like, 12 minutes to find a match? Although why I cook pasta while capping fools online is beyond me.

8. Mercenaries 2

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

I've only experienced the Mercs 2 demo, so while I can't pass judgment on the game itself, I did hear how glitch-addled it was. From phantom vehicles roaming the wilderness to surviving hundred-foot leaps of death, Mercs 2 was a playground of destruction... plagued with glitches. But the most odd thing I've seen? Well, the beginning of this video should suffice.

7. Far Cry 2

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

For all its potential, Far Cry 2 was, for me at least, quite disappointing. It was a beautiful recreation of Africa's most celebrated landscapes, but my god it was boring. Not to mention your gun-toting enemies had seemingly replaced their eyes with those of the eagle, their binocular vision able to spot me from fifty feet away, hidden in the brush. But no, it was when plot-centric characters refused to appear I had the most problem with, as the story came to a stand still and all I had to do was set fire to the jungle. Humph.

6. Ninja Gaiden 2

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

Aside from being an exercise in extreme patience and non-controller-related-violence, Ninja Gaiden 2 was riddled with glitches. I once vanished from the Aqua Capital level, and entered a never-ending glitch where I repeatedly blocked a chainsaw-armed demonic brute, unable to escape the constantly reloading animation. But I'm especially fond of this particular glitch:

5. Fifa 98

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

Fifa 98 wasn't so much broken as it was badly made. But it was before the times of multi-core processors and unified-shader architecture, so I can't be too harsh. But then again, I can't overlook events such as a goalkeeper throw finding its way into the opposite net, untouched. Or the dreaded halfway-line goal that, once mastered, made matches simply a matter of finding enough space to shoot within fifty yards.

4. Saints Row 2

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

Saints Row 2 had its fare share of problems, from random crashes or screen-freeze, to vanishing pedestrians or even planes lodged in the road. I once found three cars in quick succession drive past, each driver, for some reason, lounging on the roof. Here's a particularly odd glitch I found on the net, which I can't quite decipher myself. Perhaps you can?

3. Driv3r

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

Not only did it sully the fine name of Driver (with a ridiculous 3 in the title), but Driv3r also suffered from a severe case of glitchitis. A disease common amongst low-budget cash-in games, it sees the poor disc afflicted with a variety of ailments, from complete city-wide standstills, to cars defying the laws of physics and, especially, friction, with trucks gliding across any surface like ten-tonne metal ballerinas.

2. Hospital Tycoon

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

I've plumped for Hospital Tycoon so far up the list, simply because Codemasters refuses to patch a game their customers spent money on. It's apparently riddled with bugs, from patients either being too small in number or too dead... in health. Minor quibbles compared to the likes of Mercs 2's multiplying buildings, but when the developers completely ignore their customers' plight, then I shall demonstrate zero mercy!

1. Final Fantasy XIV

Top 10 Most Broken Games - Round Two

Final Fantasy XIV is top of the list for a number of reasons. One, it's apparently quite broken, soon-to-be so patched up it'll resemble an MMO mummy. Terrible jokes aside, it's 2010, and Final Fantasy is a premier franchise from a wealthy publisher. MMOs require strict testing before release, and Square Enix obviously skimped on the requisite steps. I know a number of friends who were very excited for FF XIV, only to express a level of disappointment I hadn't seen in a long time when it released.

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Phil  Oct. 19, 2010 at 13:38

Well if that had been for PC merc 2 and MW2 would have been 1 and 2! Merc 2 was almost unplayable on decent spec PC and was near uncontrollable (apparently they didn't test PC with a keyboard and mouse and assumed you would only use a controller). Mw2 - was just the biggest failure in PC gaming history. Saints Row was far more playable than either!

MrRobin  Oct. 19, 2010 at 14:31

Bugs such as those demostrated in the Mercs2 video are pretty serious physics engine glitches but they don't actually really ruin the game for the player (in some cases they are actually quite funny).

Bugs that break the game mechanics by not producing enough ammo or customers or some other resource are much worse as it makes it unplayable.

The worst of all is when you encounter a cul-de-sac bug where, for example, you've killed an NPC only to discover later that you need to talk to them to get the next mission. Cue the swearing as you load up a saved game from 10 hours previous.

Phil McC  Oct. 19, 2010 at 14:50

Worst I've played recently is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

The game is so poorly made normal enemies fairly regularly require ~10 bullets to the face to die (in a 'realistic' war game), and occasionally in the campaign I found completely unkillable enemies.
The AI is horrifically bad, to the extent it's funny to watch. Soetimes mission objectives fail to register as complete, leaving you unable to complete the mission (on hard there are also no checkpoints, so you could be looking at 45 minutes of infuriating gameplay completely wasted.
Sometimes your gun will just disappear too.
Oh and the amount of times I've shot a helicopter down, only for it to crash land, clipping through the floor, upside down, with the rotar blades still turning, followed by the pilot suddenly appearing next to it..

Pete  Oct. 19, 2010 at 16:24

I almost bought The Bourne Conspiracy, figuring it couldn't be that bad. Screenshots looked decent and I liked the movies. Luckily my brother had a demo that I was able to play, save me from buying the steaming pile.

acekilla  Oct. 19, 2010 at 18:45

Really fifa 98 dude how about blacksite area 51, that game was horrible, AI sucked the weapons disappeared, building block also disappeared and a lot of glitchy cinematics. But what do I know everyone played fifa 98 more recent

Newton.Gun  Oct. 19, 2010 at 21:00

Something ironic about Hospital Tycoon being riddled with bugs....

Ad  Oct. 20, 2010 at 03:52

The Saints Row 2 bugs are hilarious to come across though :D

ODB  Oct. 20, 2010 at 11:04

wasnt that bad when I played it...**** game though and I swear it took me about 2 hours to finish

ODB  Oct. 20, 2010 at 11:06

WTF? My imagination or have the images changed since yesterday?

Felix Kemp  Oct. 20, 2010 at 12:47

Perhaps the site merely has a mind of its own...

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