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Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

Felix Kemp
Features, Top Ten

With the recent news of a Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright game, a partnership sure to delight DS owners and puzzle gamers alike, we at Dealspwn thought we'd bump noggins and fantasize on what crossovers we'd most like to see. We're talking bitter rivals shaking hands with clenched teeth, all for our videogame-related pleasure. So, let us ponder no longer, and move on to The Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See!

10. Halo/Gears of War

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

An obvious choice, but come on; Master Chief chainsawing Elites? Marcus Fenix Spartan-Lasering Boomers? It'd be an orgasmic delight of visual treats, with Halo's space-operatic tones clashing with the rough, crass, blood-soaked pulp of GoW. I'm verging on fan-fiction here, but wouldn't it be great if that planet Master Chief is current orbiting in cryo-sleep is Sera? Marcus Fenix must put aside his prejudice against super-soldiers with visors, and team up with Earth's greatest hero to face a joint Covenant-Locust alliance. Oh, baby!

9. Fifa/Football Manager

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

I realize Fifa has a Manager mode, but imagine if you could combine the depth of FM with Fifa's pitch-perfect gameplay engine? No pun intended. It'd be great if unhappy players controlled poorly, with zero effort, whereas strikers on a streak hit gold with every shot. I suppose it'd rob Football Manager of its hands-off strategy, but if non-controlled players truly followed the gameplay plan, it could be great.

8. Mortal Kombat/Killer Instinct

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

I'm still desperately anticipating a Killer Instinct HD, but in the meantime I'd settle for the likes of Sub Zero and Scorpion to face off against Spinal and Fulgore. With the recent news of Tekken V Street Fighter, it's no longer a matter of 'if', but 'when'. At least, I'll convince myself it is. You can't deny it's a better fit than MK V DC.

7. Assassin's Creed/GTA

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

GTA is ripe for random acts of homicide, but imagine if, instead of splattering civilians in an SUV, you could leap from a rooftop and deliver a blade to the cervical spine, then hop in an AC-themed car and screech away. Blending AC's locomotion system with GTA's modern metropolis is a mouthwatering prospect, for gamers and tabloid journalists alike.

6. God of War/Ninja Gaiden

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

Who's more dangerous? The Spartan deity, hellbent on revenge, or the death-dealing ninja with a penchant for... well, death? Together, they'd amass a body-count so vast we'd need a second crossover between Pacman and Yoshi to gobble the leftovers. Whether or not it'd be a partnership relies entirely on their relationship experience. Kratos is sore with betrayal, and Ryu is constantly being harassed by demonic forces. So it might not be so friendly.

5. Mario/LittleBigPlanet

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

Mario might be the progenitor of the platform genre, but LittleBigPlanet has taken the template the Italian plumber forged, and empowered gamers to create their own hop, skip and jump adventures. It's even possible to fabricate a fake Mario game with LittleBigPlanet's tool set. But imagine, if a true collaboration between Miyamoto and Media Molecule. It'd be fun, to say the least.

4. Star Fox/Tie Fighter

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

Nintendo and Star Wars, I hear you cry in horror. How dare I suggest such a heretical crossover. But come on, what if a dimensional rift dropped Fox and co. into Lucas' galaxy. Imagine the look on Palpatine's face. I'm getting ahead of myself, but it could be set in the latter stages of Return of the Jedi, and instead of Han and the Millennium Falcon, it would McCloud and his Arwing venturing into the belly of the beast.

3. Portal/Call of Duty

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

Call of Duty is hectic enough without inter-dimensional portals. It's like dropping a lighted match on a pile of unstable dynamite. Imagine placing an entrance portal near your base, an exit portal where the enemy spawn, and spamming rockets through the rift in space and time. It'd bring new meaning to the term 'spawn-camping'.

2. Sims/Dead Rising

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

Replace the Sims with zombies, the suburban pastiche with a Romero-esque shopping mall, and let the games begin. Create the perfect mall, lure in unsuspecting shoppers, then unleash the zombies! To keep your undead hordes happy, you'd need a steady stream of shoppers, which means managing revenue and profit in order to upgrade your shops and stalls. Zombies need love, too, you know?

1. Pokemon/Viva Pinata

Top 10 Crossovers We'd Most Like To See

Admittedly, it's an odd choice for number one, what with the likes of Halo and Gears of War consummating for the good of mankind. But I've always loved Pokemon, but felt the actual method of catching the critters was not only cruel, but contradictory. Beat them senseless, then trap them in a plastic prison the size of a fist? Viva Pinata, on the other hand, required gamers to grow the right food or plant the right flora to attract their confectionery-themed bestiary. Imagine setting traps laced with, say, acorns to lure in Pikachu, which is apparently an electrical squirrel. Charizard, being a dragon, may prefer virgin princesses, but I'm sure we can find some middle-ground.

Why not tell us what crossovers you'd love to see find their way to shelves? Or if any of the combination above should be shuffled around? Halo/Sims? Pokemon and God of War? What say you?

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Rod  Oct. 22, 2010 at 12:49

Ok, firstly, you're not well, man.

Secondly, I agree with you on all counts. (What does that say about me...?)

That FIFA Manager idea in particular sounds genius. And The Sims Zombie Edition could easily become a reality. Just look at RDR's upcoming DLC...

Jonathan Lester  Oct. 22, 2010 at 14:42

Overt Halo vs Marathon gets my vote... but sadly that will never happen now.

Ninty (or Hideki Kamiya, who's already OFFERED) had better get on developing Starfox vs Tie Fighter. And throw a little Wing Commander in there for good measure.

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