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Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

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Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

Acrobatic action titles? Check. Genre-defining third-person shooters? Oh yes. More plastic peripheral insanity? You bet! We're into the thirties in our countdown of the best games of last generation, and there are more surprises in store. Were you besotted with Bayonetta? Rabid about Rayman? Bonkers for Bad Company? Let us know what you make of thing in the box below.

Also, if you're yet to check out #50-41, click here to do so now!

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

40. Bayonetta

What we said: Bayonetta herself might well split opinion - can a strong willed, intensely capable female figure who defies manipulation be taken seriously when she's being manipulated into some of the most suggestive poses this side of Spearmint Rhino's front doors? - but it's incredibly hard to argue against action this stylishly accessible and deceptively deep. Sexy, self-referential, slick and stylish, Bayonetta is an excellent action title to kick off 2010, dodging accusation of being derivative with one of the most finely tuned, and fun to play, combat engines seen in video gaming.

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

39. Rayman Origins

What we said: Rayman Origins is mechanically brilliant, perfectly-paced and drop-dead gorgeous, but can you put a price on happiness?

Probably not. But we've got a score for it. - 10/10

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

38. Rock Band

What we said: What's better than noodling away to your favourite songs on a plastic guitar and pretending to be a rock god? Doing it with a bunch of friends on bass, drums, and lead vox, of course! Rock Band took what Guitar Hero had started and ran with it, making sure everyone could get in on the action.

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

37. Dragon Age: Origins

What we said: If Lord of the Rings had a bucket of gore tipped over it, it'd probably look like this. Exciting, engaging and thoroughly entertaining, BioWare have done it again. Probably the best RPG since Mass Effect, which isn't surprising really.

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

36. Battlefield: Bad Company

What we said: Bad Company often gets called "Battlefield for consoles" as if that's some kind of insult. Instead, what we got with this game was a fulfilling campaign with memorable characters that looked fantastic and made us laugh, brought destruction modelling to the home console scene, and came with a fantastic multiplayer offering that kept us playing long after the credits rolled. In a world dominated by shooters taking themselves far too seriously, Bad Company was a breath of fresh air and a mainstay in our disc drives.

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

35. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

What we said: The £5 game that justified the £400 Xbox 360. Geometry Wars was absurdly accessible, fiendishly addictive, bursting with modes and difficulty levels and leaderboards and challenges. It set a benchmark for downloadable titles, effortlessly bringing nostalgic gameplay back in a big way whilst dazzling the senses. A feast for the eyes, serving up playful indulgences that owed nothing to cinematic convention, Geometry Wars just let you play and work things out for yourself. An utter joy.

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

34. Gears of War

What we said: One of the first must-have titles of the console generation, Gears of War would shape and define the legacy of the Xbox 360 from the very beginning and remain the benchmark by which third-person shooters would be judged for years to come. It didn't invent cover shooters, but it forms the basis upon which the entire genre for this passing generation is built. An utter coup for Microsoft back in 2006 and a big reason why the Xbox 360 flew off of the shelves.

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

33. Heavy Rain

What we said: Heavy Rain is a success and has grown into something so much more than a glorified tech demo or one long QTE. It also raises possibilities of how traditional game genres may incorporate elements seen here into their own games. It might not be to everyone’s tastes because of the nature of the gameplay, but everyone owes it to themselves to at least try it.

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

32. Vanquish

What we said: Vanquish is a fantastically cool action game that is an absolute blast from start to finish that does what the great games do: make you feel like an absolute badass. I can forgive the grey/silver visuals, but marks have to be deducted for the short length. You should play this game as soon as possible though and hope for a sequel.

Top 50 Games of the Last Generation | 40 - 31

31. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

What we said: Everything you loved about the previous game is still there – the freedom, the adult adventure playgrounds, pimping out your Renaissance ‘hood’. But it’s all better than before, and augmented with new upgrades, improvements, additions and an incredibly rich multiplayer experience. No, it might not be a definitive next chapter in the series, but don’t let the lack of a number in the title fool you. Brotherhood is an astoundingly good game, and possibly the finest title we’ve seen this year.

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Late  Dec. 10, 2013 at 11:26

Hated Bayonetta, but can't disagree with any of the other above titles. I tried to complete Bayonetta - any game with a protagonist that looks like a scantily-clad Liz Hurley is worth putting in the extra effort. But the gameplay just wasn't for me, and I walked away when I was about 50-75% though.

Must get round to playing Dragon Age Origins at some point. I think it's in my backlog stack, where it's been for a couple of years now, still wrapped in it's cellophane. (Comparisons to Mass Effect and LOTR don't help, mind - I don't like either!)

In fact, I should switch the One off and have a few weeks on the 360 at some point. There's some fantastic looking games in "the pile" that I've not gotten around to looking at yet, including Dragon Age Origins, Dark Souls, Witcher 2, and probably 15-20 others I can't recall - not to mention Arkham Origins which I started the day before the xb1 came out. And loads of cheap games I could/should pick up now, dirt cheap...

Unfortunately I'd say there's a 50:50 chance the 360 will never get turned on again, now, though. I tend to keep my old consoles when I get new ones, then never actually use them.

gmdlogan  Dec. 10, 2013 at 12:48

Brotherhood was awesome! Loved both this and 2. They'd be my number 1&2 in my fave 50!

MW1 has to around soon. Hearing them effing Martyrdom ringing in my head at 4am while trying to sleep must be a sign of a great game!

Yukes  Dec. 10, 2013 at 14:17

Woah guys I know it's all subjective and all that but....Rayman Origins only at 39? That's got to be a mistake. Arguably the best platformer of this generation and just plain fun but with games like Vanquish and Heavy Rain ahead of it...it just seems wrong!

Crazy Jamie  Dec. 10, 2013 at 14:40

I have to agree with Yukes about Rayman Origins. It's one of my highlights of the generation and is too low. I can only assume that it slipped people's minds like the underrated gem that it is.

alistairmclean520  Dec. 10, 2013 at 20:37

I am surprised at Rayman Origins, especially as its bundled with Rayman Legends ...

But I suppose thats half the fun of these lists

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